Pass/Fail Option

Pass/Fail Fall 2021

For Spring 2020 Changes, See Below

The pass/fail grading option request form will be open for undergraduate students to elect fall 2021 courses from September 15 (noon) to October 15 (midnight). Petitions to extend the deadline beyond this date will not be considered.

The deadline to cover spring 2021 grades for continuing students is 5 p.m. on October 15. Petitions to extend the deadline beyond this date will not be considered.

Pass/Fail Request Form

Steps for Pass/Fail

  1. Submit the online request form (see button above)
  2. Save your confirmation email
  3. Email to cover the grade – if you need to!

Electing a Class Pass/Fail

To elect a class pass/fail, undergraduate students must complete the online request form before the published deadline in the semester they are enrolled in the course. Students may only fill out the form one time. Once the form is submitted, they may not change their course selection. No more than one course may be taken pass/fail during a single term.

In order to fill out the form, students will need their sage ID number. A confirmation email will be generated and sent to the student's Brandeis email address. This is the student's proof of their pass/fail request and should be kept for their records.

This counts as one of the four pass/fail elections over the course of their undergraduate career, regardless of whether the final grade is converted to a "P."

Cover a Class With a 'P' Grade

After a final grade has posted:

  1. If the student wants to keep the letter grade earned in the class, no further action is needed.
  2. If the student wants to cover the letter grade received in this class, they must email before the pass/fail deadline indicated on the academic calendar. If the student fails to contact the office before the published deadline in the semester after they are enrolled in the course, the letter grade will remain on the record. The email should include the student's full name, sage ID number, the course subject, catalog number and title of the course elected pass/fail.

Students must receive a grade of C-minus or higher to convert the letter grade to a "P." Students who wish to use the pass/fail grading option for an approved general education requirement must indicate this in the same email.

Additional Policies Regarding the Pass/Fail Option

  1. Letter grades covered by "pass" ("P" for performance at the C-minus level or above) will not be used in computing GPAs. Grades of "D"and "E" will remain letter grades, to be used in computing GPAs, and will be considered by the Committee on Academic Standing when determining academic standing.
  2. No more than one class may be taken pass/fail during a single term.
  3. One class may be used to fulfill a general university requirement with the pass/fail grading, excepting University Writing Seminars and writing intensive and oral communication courses. No more than one course (and never the final one) in the foreign language sequence may be taken pass/fail.
  4. Classes taken pass/fail will not satisfy major or minor requirements.
  5. In full-year courses, the elected grading option (pass/fail or letter grade) applies to both semesters and may not be changed midyear. (Such a course taken pass/fail would expend two of the allowable four pass/fail elections.)
  6. In an undergraduate's final semester, conversion of a class attempted on the pass/fail basis in which the student received a grade of C-minus or higher must be converted to a "P" grade before the deadline in the academic calendar for the receipt of senior grades (normally three days after the last day of final examinations).
  7. Students must make all pass/fail option requests within the published deadlines. No exceptions will be made for a student missing the deadline to make an initial pass/fail option request nor to make a request to cover a grade for a class.
  8. Petitions will not be entertained for exceptions to the above constraints and deadlines.
  9. Please note: Arrangements between students and instructors do not constitute official pass/fail enrollment. Instructors are not informed of the grading option that a student has chosen. Students taking courses pass/fail must complete all assignments and examinations.
  10. Undergraduate students elect the pass/fail option by completing the online Pass/Fail Grading Option Request Form prior to the published deadline.


Spring 2020 Changes to Pass/Fail in Response to COVID-19

Pass/Fail Option for Undergraduates

The regular restrictions that apply to the use of Pass/Fail for undergraduates have been suspended for spring 2020 classes.

The regular deadlines for covering a Spring 2020 grade with a P still apply: May 18, 2020 for graduating seniors; October 15, 2020 for all other undergraduates. Once a Spring 2020 grade has posted, students may email to request the grade be covered with a P.

If You are a Student

After your final grades post and before the published deadline, email with the list of courses from the spring that you wish to convert to a P grade. For the spring term, all courses on your class schedule that receive a letter grade are eligible. 

Information About Changes to Brandeis Academics and Operations Due to Coronavirus/COVID-19