For More Information:

See the resources page for links to individual schools to check their requirements, or make an appointment with a Pre-Health Advisor to go over your program of interest and its pre-requisite coursework.

Please call Academic Services at x63470 to set up a meeting with a Pre-Health Advisor.

What classes should I take?

Pre-requisite courses are designed to help you develop the skills necessary to succeed in professional programs. Different health fields and even different schools within the same profession require different pre-requisites.  

The following is a general set of pre-requisites for the major health professional programs.  This is not a comprehensive list. If there are specific schools you know you are interested in, please check their specific requirements. Please see a pre-health advisor for more information:

  • General Chemistry + lab (2 sems) [M, D, V, O, P, PA, N]
  • Biology +lab (2 sems) [M, D, V, O, P, PA, N]
  • Organic Chemistry + lab (2 sems) [M, D, V, O, P, PA, N]
  • Physics + lab (2 sems) [M, D, V, O, P, PA]
  • Biochemistry (1 sem) [M, D, V, O, P, PA, N]
  • Psychology, Intro to (1 sem) [M, O]
  • Sociology, Intro to (1 sem) [M]
  • Mathematics* (Calculus or above) (2 sems) [M, D, V, N]
  • English** (2 sems) [M, D, V, O, P, PA, N]
  • Anatomy + lab (1 sem) [N, V, O, P, PA]
  • Physiology + lab (1 sem) [N, V, O, P, PA]
  • Microbiology + lab (1 sem) [N, V, O, P, PA]
  • Animal Nutrition (1 sem) [N, V]

Key: Medicine (MD&DO) / Nursing / Optometry / Dentistry / Pharmacy / Physician Assistant / Veterinary

*A note about Mathematics courses: The math requirement can usually be fulfilled with either 2 semesters of Calculus or one of Calculus and one of either BioStatistics or PsychStatistics.  

**A note about English courses: The English requirement can usually be fulfilled by taking UWS (University Writing Seminar) as well as either 1 other English course, or a Writing Intensive course in a Humanities department.