Popular Pre-Health Activities

  • Earning EMT certification
  • Working as an EMT with BEMCo
  • Volunteering at a hospital in or near Waltham during the academic year or near home over the summer
  • Doing research in a faculty member's lab group
  • Helping those in underserved communities
  • Joining the Pre-Health Society
  • Volunteering with Waltham Group

Getting Experience


Cari Brown ('05) volunteering in Bolivia

As a student interested in pursuing a career in the health professions, succeeding in your academic coursework should be your primary focus, but your co-curricular activities are what make you the well-rounded, unique person that you want to be (and can help you stay balanced and sane while working away at your courses)!

Consider those factors that health professions schools are looking for in applicants as you decide how to spend your time.

As you become involved in these activities as a first-year student bear in mind that the transition to college can be stressful. Be careful not to overextend yourself -- you're still a student first!