Research Opportunities

Students have numerous opportunities to explore the area of biomedical research either on or off campus. If you are interested in working for a faculty member in his/her laboratory or interested in participating in a summer program away from Brandeis University, it pays to begin looking early.

You might begin your search for a research position by meeting with the undergraduate advising head in a particular department, such as Biochemistry, Biology, or Neuroscience, to discover what kinds of projects faculty members are currently working on. Another good place to start is by looking at individual faculty members' web pages, which list (among other things) research interests and recent publications. After viewing web pages and/or meeting with an undergraduate advising head, follow up with a visit to faculty members during their office hours or at their laboratories. Positions for first-or-second year students will mostly likely not be that glamorous; however, as knowledge grows and techniques improve, many students begin working independently and often begin their own projects by their third or fourth year.

Far more opportunities exist, particularly in the summers.  Most deadlines for summer research programs are in January through March, so start your research in the fall!