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Summer Opportunities

Each year, a number of summer research/enrichment programs are held at various government agencies, universities, and pharmaceutical companies. Some of these programs are specifically tailored to underrepresented ethnic minorities and economically disadvantaged individuals. They are typically designed to supplement a student’s science education and/or offer exposure to the health profession field through clinical or research work. Listed below is a small sampling of off campus opportunities focusing on biomedical research. Information about off campus opportunities is posted on the Pre-Health Society listserv as soon as details become available.

GREAT group SURP programs: The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Group on Graduate Education, Training and Research (GREAT) maintains a website with links to its members' summer undergrad research programs (SURPs). These programs allow students to participate in cutting-edge research, and often offer a stipend, room and board, and travel allowance. The applicant pool is competitive, and you're encouraged to apply early.  Most deadlines for application are in January and February.

National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates.

NIH Biomedical Research Summer Internship: Deadline: March 1.

Swarthmore College offers a clearinghouse of links to programs (although it hasn't been updated in a couple of years, some of the programs are still active).

SMDEP: The AAMC's Summer Medical and Dental Education Programs target first- and second-year college students. Each of the eleven programs has different entrance criteria; all are interested in students with a demonstrated interest in issues affecting underserved populations. Applications are competitive, and will begin accepting applications in December. has an option to find enrichment programs, many of which are summer programs.

Local Programs:

  • Health Careers Connection offers competitive internship placements at area hospitals and other medical facilities. The primary focus of HCC’s internship program is administrative or community health related exposure and project work, although there are often opportunities for clinically related exposure and projects.
  • Boston University Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURP): 10 week research experience. Students receive a stipend, research supplies allowance, a travel subsidy, and housing in a BU apartment during the program. Application deadline: February.
  • Tufts University Sackler School offers 10 week summer internships for undergraduate students interested in pursuing research careers in the biomedical sciences. Stipend, housing. Application deadline: February 15.
  • MIT Summer Research Internship: The summer program is primarily designed to encourage students from under-represented minorities, first-generation college students, and students from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds to attend graduate school and pursue a career in research. Stipend, housing, travel allowance provided. Application Deadline: January 30.
  • Mass. General Summer Research Trainee Program:  open to underrepresented minority students who have completed at least three years of college.  Students are paired with research mentors and work on projects.  Weekly seminars, opportunities to present research, and stipend are provided. Application deadline: March. (not yet updated for '08)
  • U Mass Medical School -- programs for minority and economically disadvantaged students
    • Summer Enrichment Program: The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is a tuition-free four-week residential program for undergraduate sophomores and juniors interested in entering the health professions. The goals of the program are to help participants improve their qualifications and competitive standing for admission to professional, graduate and/or medical school.  Application deadline: March 15.
    • NIH Research Fellowship:  ten-week program pairs 18 participants with a research advisor/mentor. Housing, stipend and travel costs provided. Application deadline: March 16.
  • Harvard's Office of Career Services has a list of undergraduate research programs available at Harvard.
  • Novartis Summer Research Internship - in Cambridge, MA, full time, paid internship. Students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to work on a specific project under the guidance of a research mentor in a laboratory environment. In addition to research, interns participate in an intern-run journal club, seminar series and present their research at the end of the summer. Deadline: March 1.
  • Partners HealthCare is an umbrella organization for hospitals and other medical facilities in the Boston/Eastern MA area. You can search their career database for internships and temporary employment positions. Do an advanced search and select "internships" under job families.
  • Boston Schweitzer Fellows Volunteer Guide - a comprehensive source for volunteer opportunities in the area.