Other Co-Curricular Activities

While it is important to get some experience related to your intended health profession, you should not shy away from other activities that are interesting to you. 

Whether your interest is sports, theater, music, or anything else, do not give up on these interests because you think they will not help you get into a health profession school.  First and foremost, being at Brandeis affords you many opportunities to pursue a wide variety of activities that you may not have so much time for later in life.  Moreover, you can list these activities on your applications and talk about your enjoyment of them in your interviews.  This makes you a more interesting person and can help your application stand out.

Service & Leadership


Medical schools in particular place some importance on gaining community service/volunteer experience.  This is tied in with the desire to select students who demonstrate a commitment to serving others, and particularly to working with a diverse population.  As stated in the 2006-2007 Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) handbook, “By participating in such activities, pre-medical students learn about the medical profession and about themselves.  They learn about their tolerance for stress, their ability to communicate and empathize with people of different backgrounds and cultures, their problem-solving skills, and their willingness to put others’ needs before their own.”  The 2006-2007 MSAR provides the percentages of accepted students who have community service experience, medically-related work, and research, and most successful applicants have one or more of these experiences in their background.

The Waltham Group on campus is a clearinghouse for service activities in the surrounding community.
bostoncares.org organizes and leads more than 100 service projects in the Boston area each month.
The Waltham Community website lists social services that are in need of volunteers.
Boston Schweitzer Fellows Volunteer Guide - a comprehensive source for volunteer opportunities in the Boston area.