Do you fit the profile?

Successful health professions school candidates have proven their academic ability with strong grades and test scores, and letters of recommendation from faculty members who know them well. 

They have gained a realistic understanding of the health care environment through volunteer and paid work.

They have refined their communication and helping skills by working with others.

They are passionate about the things that are important to them (other than getting into medical school).

They can articulate the reasons why they are interested in pursuing a health career. 

They are organized, can follow deadlines, and pay attention to detail.

They are mature, well-spoken, caring, friendly, and display other "intangible qualities" that will help them to be successful students in health professions schools, and health care professionals. 

The Application Process


Zhiwei Zhang, aspiring med student

Applying to health professions schools is a detail-oriented process. One of the main goals of this office is to guide students through the processes of deciding when to apply, completing the application in a timely and comprehensive manner, and navigating the admissions cycle.

Students may begin the process as early as the Fall semester of the junior year, if applying to begin health professional school directly after undergraduate.  Those who decided to take a "glide year" between undergraduate and health professions school will begin the application processes in the Fall of senior year. Still others may return as alums to utilize the office's services.

The first step for all students is to attend an Applicant Workshop, where we will provide an overview of what's expected of you in the application process.  The workshops take place in the Fall, with one additional date in early Spring semester. If you miss all of these dates, be sure to contact the Director of Pre-Health Advising ASAP to get caught up in the application process.

This section of the website provides basic details about different aspects of applying and admissions for health professional school.  More details are provided at the Applicant Workshop, within the Applicant Handbook that is provided at the Workshop, through consultation with a Premedical Board Advisor, and through a Latte class website. All students who have attended Applicant Workshops, completed Intake Forms, and met with the Director of Pre-Health Advising will be assigned an Advisor, and will gain access to the Latte class.