Reapplicant Logistics

In 2011, 42,423 individuals applied to allopathic medical school, and 19,585 were accepted, which is about a 45% acceptance rate; the number of well-qualified applicants far outweighs the number of seats available in US medical schools. For those who were not admitted, there are a number of next steps to consider:

1. Do you want to reapply?
2. What about your candidacy could you improve?
3. In what year should you apply?
4. What are the logistical steps to reapplying?

Read more in the Reapplicant Handout...

Information for Reapplicants

If you have previously applied to medical, dental, veterinary, or other health professions school through the Office of Academic Services/Board of Premedical Advisors, and wish to apply again, the Board will submit your composite letter once again along with an addendum letter that highlights any new activities in which you have engaged since your previous application.

Reaplicants are required to take the following steps in order to once again have a composite letter submitted on their behalf:

  1. Read this document: How to be a Successful Reapplicant (pdf format).
  2. Contact the Office of Academic Services
    You must let the office know that you plan to reapply by emailing or calling Kate Stutz. Upon notification, you will be added to the Latte Course for current applicants, which will give you access to necessary forms and information. You're also encouraged to schedule a time to talk with Misty in the office. You can set up an appointment to meet in person or to talk on the telephone by calling (781) 736-3470.
  3. Submit updated materials, including:
  • A list of activities that includes all previous, as well as any new or recent employment, internships, or volunteer opportunities. The list should include a brief narrative description of each activity as well as the dates, location, and name of supervisor. You may submit a resume as a supplement to your activities list but not as a substitute.
  • At least one additional letter of recommendation that reflects new activities you've been involved in since your previous health profession school application (waiver will be available on the Latte course).
  • Updated personal statement.
  • Transcripts from any courses taken beyond Brandeis since your previous application.
  • A copy of your verified standardized application(s) (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, etc.)
  • A non-refundable reapplication fee of $25 (please make check payable to Brandeis University).
Updated materials must be received by September 1, 2012 for the updated cover letter to be generated. If they are not, we will send your previous letter, with a cover sheet stating that you missed the deadline for an addendum to be written. If you have further questions please contact the office at (781) 736-3470.