Sample Secondary Essay Questions

  • Among the service activities that you listed on your AMCAS application, in which activity did you feel that you truly made an impact on someone else? What was the impact on you? 
  • What makes you special, someone who will add to our medical school community?
  • In your opinion, what contemporary medical issue needs to be addressed in the U.S. healthcare system and why?
  • Describe a personal experience which resulted in a substantial moral or ethical dilemma. What was the outcome?

Secondary Applications

For some health professions school applications, applicants are required to submit additional information, as determined by individual schools that they are applying to. These applications are generically referred to as secondary, or supplemental applications.

Almost every allopathic or osteopathic medical school requires a secondary application. Some schools send secondaries as soon as the primary has been submitted.  Some schools wait until after the primary application is processed.  Still others will wait until the primary is processed, and then screen applicants based on the primary, and only send secondaries to selected applicants. Secondary applications for medical school often involve one or many essay questions, and often involve a fee, averaging around $75. For allopathic medical schools, the Medical School Admissions Requirements book lists the secondary application policy for each school.

Dental school supplemental information is minimal in comparison to medical school. Information on each school's requirement is listed on the primary (AADSAS) application. Required information may include a high school transcript, photo, fee, an official copy of DAT scores and/or transcripts, and possibly other information (it varies widely by school).