Being Pre-health at Brandeis


Brandeis students training for their EMT certification


What does this “pre-health” term mean, anyway?
Pre-Health is an umbrella term for the diverse careers in the health professions that students may pursue, from acupuncture to veterinary medicine.  Although most Brandeis students pursue medical studies, we hope that students are open-minded to learn about other potential career paths in the health fields and beyond. 

What’s the “pre-health track”?

You will hear Brandeis students referring to the pre-health track.  Since pre-med/health is not a major, students call it a “track” to signify the fact that there are certain courses you have to take in preparation for health professional school.  This track, however, is very flexible – you’re welcome to hop on or off at any time, but you may want to check in with me if you decide to do so.

Use the links at left to explore more in depth some hints and tips for being a pre-health student at Brandeis University!