Who is Eligible?

These services are offered only to students who are members of TRiO Student Support Services at Brandeis University.


Students in Library 

SSSP is a “home-away-from home” and a place to learn from each other:

  • The Brandeis undergraduate SSSP program participants, who represent a diverse cross-section of the student body, come from all over the country and bring significant contributions to the program and to the larger Brandeis community.
  • SSSP provides assistance at every stage of the undergraduate education; whether you are deciding what to take in your first semester, thinking of going abroad, being a pre-med student or wondering how to prepare for your first job interview, SSSP is here to assist you!

There are many more things you can learn about SSSP. To apply for our program, complete our application. For more information, please contact SSSP Director Jennifer Lynne Morazes, PhD at jmorazes@brandeis.edu.