For more information about SSSP Peer Mentoring, please call 781-736-3465.

Peer Mentoring


The Peer Mentoring program is designed to help first-year SSSP students adjust to the rigors of college life academically, socially, and culturally. Peer Mentors are  matched with individual incoming students and help their mentees' connect with resources across the Brandeis campus.

Mentoring makes a difference! Our students say...

"The mentoring program takes my stress away. It is great to have a mentor that you can hang out with and rely on."

"Hearing 'you really get the hang of it after the first semester' calmed me down since I know she has been through it."

"Having a peer mentor really helped me integrate into the whole Brandeis campus, and as a mentor myself, I really tried to do the same for my lovely mentees!"

"My peer mentor was a vital part of my first year-whether through being supportive or making me laugh, she was always there."

Mentors planning academic programs and coordinate SSSP group activities, such as:

  • Dinner on Moody Street or the Stein
  • Movie nights in the Intercultural Center
  • Ice-Skating at Boston Commons
  • Outings to museums and shows at various Boston venues
    (e.g. Institute of Contemporary Art, Alvin Ailey, The Lion King, Blue Man Group, The History Boys, Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
Upperclass SSSP members are strongly encouraged to apply to be a Peer Mentor during the months of February and March. If you would like to learn more about how to become a Peer Mentor, please contact Elena Lewis, SSSP Director.

These services are offered only to students who are members of the Student Support Services TRiO Program at Brandeis University.