The Block Scheduling Committee conducted two surveys for faculty and student opinion.  The results of these surveys can be found in the Committee report issued on February 26, 2009.

The committee also welcomes comments and suggestions from members of the Brandeis community. Students, faculty and staff should feel free to contact any member of the committee.

About the Committee

The Block Scheduling Committee was established by the provost in the spring 2008 semester. Its task is to examine the existing system for scheduling classes and to make recommendations to the provost about what changes, if any, should be made to it.

The committee includes faculty from all four schools within Arts and Sciences, along with the Heller School and the International Business School. It also includes student members, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as members of the registrar’s office and other staff who are involved in scheduling classes. The committee is chaired by Professor Mick Watson (psychology department).