Current Students in Residence

Bruce W. Siyu Chenbruce
Bruce received a B.S. degree in Biology from a joint undergraduate program of University of Ottawa and Sichuan University. Not really into pure biological research, he decided to shift his career to Computer Science which was more interesting to him. Discovering his interests in programming and computational linguistics, he's very glad he made this change. Bruce spent his life in different countries such as China, Canada and Japan and thus, is always excited to meet people from different cultures. He is an active language learner (human languages) and is looking forward to having a fulfilling two-year academic and social life at Brandeis University.

Hongji Chenhongji
Hongji just finished his undergraduate degree in Software Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He worked at Morgan Stanley Tech & Data department as an intern for 2 months and spent 6 months working at a Startup Company which belongs to NetEase. Hongji likes playing piano and hacking and is really excited for the next few semesters in Brandeis University.
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Si Chensichen
Si has been working in NTT Data in Tokyo, Japan for two years as a systems engineer and a project leader with an outsourcing team. During these two years, her job concentrated on CRM and real-time marketing systems. She is looking forward to coming to Brandeis to enhance her fundamental knowledge in computer science, especially in data solutions and analysis, and to meeting other systems engineers from different fields and cultures.
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Alexander Golissandro
Sandro received his B.A. in Computer Science at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. During the last 2.5 years, he has been working in the high tech industry in Israel. He worked at Intel R&D center for 1.5 years where he developed and implemented high performance cryptography algorithms for the future CPU's. This past year, he worked at Final (Financial Algorithms), which specializes in the development of trading algorithms and trade execution technologies, where he was developing a client-server based application for the company's usage. He is excited to start his studies at Brandeis and looking forward to exploring areas such as AI.
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Alyssa M. Goncalvesalyssa
After obtaining her B.A. in Physics at Mount Holyoke College, Alyssa spent three years working in R&D on custom electron emitters and writing software interfaces for scientific instruments in LabVIEW.  She is excited to bring her passion for computing and research to Brandeis full-time as a graduate student.
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Priyanka Groverpriyanka
For Priyanka, the future is when innovation finds the right technology and technology finds the right craftsman for weaving that future. It is this craftsman in her that brought her to Brandeis. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in Statistics from University of Delhi, India and with over 2.5 years of working as an Analyst and a project consultant. She is here to deep-dive in the world of technology, explore new horizons and connect the dots in her future with a solid foundation in Computer Science. She is well-versed in German too and has been learning the language professionally along with her jobs.
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Rong Guanrong
Formerly a post-doc fellow at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Rong most recently worked as a research scientist for several Biotech/Pharmaceutical companies. She hopes her switch to computer science will afford her a more promising job prospect.
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Ian Hankinian
Ian received a B.A. in Neuroscience from Oberlin College, and is seeking to expand his knowledge of computer science to assist with research. He is very eager to learn how to apply computer skills to the study of the brain.
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Tinsa Hardingtinsa
Before coming to Brandeis, Tinsa studied Psychology at Wellesley College. I became interested in Computer Science because I believe my people skills and studies would be helpful to those developing systems, software, and AI,  and could broaden the scope of the public's understanding of CS and AI. 
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Steve Haysteve hay
Steve moved to the Boston area two years ago. Shortly after, he started working as a software engineer at a big data startup. His undergraduate degree is in English.
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Ti Liangtiliang

During his four years studying at Shandong University, Ti participated in the ACM-ICPC contest. He has done research on computer graphics and vision and is interested in artificial intelligence. Ti decided to focus on the field of machine learning. Brandeis is well known for computational linguistics which includes natural language processing (NLP), and that is what brings him to Brandeis.
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Bradford Nesbittnesbitt
Brad received a B.A. in Philosophy and Environmental Studies from Skidmore College. He taught English at Sun Yat-Sen University in China, later returning to the U.S. to work for an international education and travel company in Boston, where he cultivated his growing interest in software development as a Business Analyst. After a subsequent role in product management at a software company, he now aspires to build solutions himself and is pursuing his Master’s in Computer Science at Brandeis.
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Alison Regna (MA4)regna
Allison earned a B.A in Mathematics and Biomathematics from Rutgers University. After graduating she spent a year working in a variety of academic labs from Neuroscience to Economics to Environmental Science, applying her knowledge of math along the way. She is here to build upon her background in math by learning the fundamentals of computer science, in the hopes of applying computational tools to biological systems (in particular disease). Her other passions include math education, reading and writing.

Paul Ricksricks
Paul Ricks recently graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South where he studied Computer Science, Math, and Creative Writing. He is pursing a Master’s in Computer Science.
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Haotian Sunhaotian
Haotian received his undergraduate degree at Xi'an Jiaotong University specializing in Automation Science and Technology. Before graduation he took part in some research on biometric recognition. As a freshman to computer science, Haotian is strongly motivated and comes to the Brandeis master's program with great enthusiasm.
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Devan Waltonwalton
Devan's academic background is in evolutionary biology, but most of his professional expertise is in electrical design and manufacturing. While at Brandeis, he'd like to learn how to dissect natural systems, like language, into computational models. These modeling skills will hopefully allow him to blend his passion for biology with his expertise in the more quantitative sciences.

Hao Wanghaowang
Hao Wang was a Computer Information Systems student at Arizona State University. He prefers Artificial Intelligence and will focus on this field of CS in his graduate study. His long-term plan is do a Ph.D. degree in CS. He chose Brandeis University because of its small community and strong academics.
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Jiaqi Wangjiaqi
Jiaqi received a B.E. degree in Material Science from South China University of Technology. After 2 months work as a Research Assistant at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where he worked both in material science and computer science, he discovered he has a greater passion for computer science. Jiaqi’s determination to explore areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) caused he to pursue a computer science degree at Brandeis.
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Tom Willkenswillkens
Raised in central Massachusetts, Tom studied philosophy and literature at Bard College at Simon's Rock before working as a writer and book editor in New York City. Inspired by recent transformations in the publishing industry, he is especially interested in developing new educational products and the study of adaptive learning, testing, and pedagogy.
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Caiwei Wucaiwei
As a person who is curious about the fast changing new technologies and enjoys solving different problems, Caiwei chose Mechanical Design & Manufacture and Automation as her undergraduate college major. During undergraduate study, she was equipped with solid foundation in math in addition to some programming courses. Caiwei found it interesting to realize that programming plays a crucial role in other engineering areas. As she learned and applied more about computer science, she became more and more interested in this field with unlimited opportunities. Caiwei finds that in the field of computer science, everyone could take the creative ideas put them into action and products.
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Jiaming Xujiaming
Jiaming's undergraduate major was food science and engineering. During his studies, he became more and more interested in computer science after taking a programming class, which ultimately led him to the Computer Science department at Brandeis. He is eager to do in-depth research related to the developing of machine learning.
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