Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer science has transformed society more thoroughly than any other discipline. The processing and transfer of vast amounts of information has reshaped how we work and play, how we talk to each other, how we shop, drive, and learn—not to mention how we track climate change, explore space and understand the human genome.

Join this exciting and rapidly growing field with an undergraduate degree in computer science. Gain a solid foundation and a deep understanding of this dynamic market sector through the several pathways:

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Why Brandeis?

Find yourself in classes taught by distinguished and caring faculty. Learn from monthly colloquium series, scholars, alumni and others in the tech industry who come to speak about current topics in computer science. Study just minutes away from the thriving tech sector in Boston and Cambridge.

At Brandeis, you’ll gain a high-impact skill set that is ideal for careers in a number of areas—science, medicine, business, entertainment, and more—as you work alongside your future partners in shaping the world we live in. Pursue research, teach, or work in industry.