In the borderland between human suffering and human possibility we find artists, cultural workers, justice-seekers and peace-builders acting with courage, beauty, compassion and power. Brandeis’ minor in Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation (CAST) will engage you in interdisciplinary exploration of the stories, the people, the actions and the artworks that animate this boundary.

Twenty-first century leaders will be called upon to engage creatively with the large-scale inter-related environmental, political and economic challenges that will confront communities around the world. Through courses where you can explore theory and practice at the nexus of the arts, creativity, social justice and peace, the CAST minor will challenge and support you to develop the capacity for resilience – for "bouncing back" intellectually, culturally, ethically, emotionally and spiritually.

By joining CAST’s community of inquiry, and by taking courses in the humanities, the arts, and social sciences, you will become prepared for careers and vocations that link your talents and interests in creativity and the arts with your concerns for the needs of communities, and for social justice and peace.

Student Grants

It appears that we are living in a moment marked by moral crises. In recent weeks, we have witnessed racist and anti-Semitic violence and reprehensible responses. The world is reeling from the effects of a series unprecedented storms, while many in power still deny the reality of human-created climate change. Refugee crises call out for humanitarian response, and for an end to the violence that gives rise to them.

The CAST minor seeks applications for support for projects that creatively address local, national and global dimensions of these and other ethical challenges that confront the human community now. We are seeking proposals that draw attention to such challenges and that offer imaginative responses that strengthen justice, vitality and resilience. All students interested in creativity, the arts and social transformation are eligible to apply.

Apply by November 1

Minor Requirements

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