Reserve a Common Space

The Department of Community Living is excited to share our resources with faculty, students and staff at Brandeis. Carefully read instructions posted below on how to submit a reservation request. Please understand that the space has not been successfully reserved until you receive a confirmation email from DCLstaff.

All events taking place in residence hall spaces must end by quiet hours. Events or meetings in residence hall spaces are for members of the Brandeis community and recognized Brandeis organizations. All residence hall space requests are approved at the discretion of DCL.

Please note:

If you are having a one-time event, please use the Event Registration Process Form to get started. For all other events, use the instructions below.

1. Determine what space you need

Posted below are descriptions of our programming spaces and the amenities they hold:

Polaris Lounge (North - Gordon/Scheffres)

A large room with standing capacity of close to 100. It features two areas: kitchen and dining bar (including stove, refrigerator and dishwasher) and couches for large-group seating of about 25. Includes large-screen TV.

Shapiro Lounge (Massell - Shapiro B)

Equipped with ample seating, a flat screen television.

Airplane Lounge (East - Pomerantz)

Couches for large-group seating, capacity of 30. Includes TV.

Dance Studio (Rosenthal East)

This air-conditioned space includes hardwood floors, mirrors and dance bars and is ideal for dance or play rehearsals.

South Lounge (Rosenthal South)

Flexible couch arrangement seats about 25 around a TV.

Charles River Commons (Charles River - 150 Charles River Road)

Besides a kitchen (offering all amenities but the oven) and couches for small-group seating around a TV, this area also offers open space for group activities.

Multi-purpose room (Village - A House)
This large open space affords many ways to express artistic abilities, such as dancing or singing, or spiritual activities, such as yoga or meditation. The space features hardwood floors and mirror-lined walls.
Seminar Room (Village – B House)

With state-of-the-art technology (a projector connected to DVD and VHS player and a computer interface), the seminar room best accommodates classes, study sessions and round-table meetings.

Ridgewood Commons (Ridgewood A)

The South Campus Commons offers a variety of set-up options, from flexible lounge seating to presentation seating for up to 80.  The space also contains a kitchen suitable for preparing group meals.  The Commons has a wide range of AV resources including a projector, a sound system, and wireless microphones.  Use of some resources and furniture will require consultation with the Community Development Coordinator.

2. Review calendars for availability for spaces

To view the various rooms, use the drop down menu under the downward facing arrow in the upper right hand corner of the calendar.  Note that there may be other unprocessed reservation requests that are not reflected on the calendar.

3. Submit a "Residence Hall Common Space Reservation Request Form"

This form will request a first, second and third choice for room. We will assign your event to the highest ranked space that is available.

4. Wait for Community Living approval

Please understand that until you receive a confirmation e-mail, your request has not been officially approved and will not appear in the calendar. Community Living staff may contact you with clarifying questions or ask you to resubmit your proposal.

5. Respecting the Common Space

Once in the space, please respect our community standards, including quiet hours, cleanliness, and any equipment that you use. Please report any irregularities or issues to a Community Living staff member so that we may deal with the concern as soon as possible.