For Parents

Your student should get to know his/her Community Advisor (CA) and Area Coordinator (AC)/Assistant Area Coordinator (AAC)

CAs are specially selected and trained student leaders who live on the hall with students to be a resource in relation to any issues or concerns about life on campus. CAs also sponsor activities in the hall community to build social connections and help students navigate their Brandeis experience. CAs are on-call every night between 8pm and 9am for emergencies and can be contacted via Brandeis Police

ACs are full time professionals, with advanced degrees, who supervise CAs and support residents with significant concerns. Your student may interact with the AC for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: room changes, adjustment concerns or just to talk.

Establish expectations about when and how you will communicate

Will you speak every day? Text? Email? Talk to your student about what is right for you both. Try to limit the number of calls and texts per day to give your student the chance to establish on-campus connections and learn to problem solve for themselves. If you can't reach your student right away, they may be in class or at a student group sponsored event. They'll call you back!

Coach your student to solve problems independently and find their resources rather than stepping in to solve problems on their behalf

There are many student leaders and staff supports on campus to help your students find creative and effective solutions.  Community Living would prefer to work with your student directly as they may have information that you don't.

First, determine what your student's principle issue is:

  • Orientation events: Talk to his/her Orientation Leader.
  • Roommate conflicts: Talk to his/her CA or AC. They're right around the corner!
  • Facilities issues: Fill out a work order via the Facilities website.
  • Dining concerns: Check in with Brandeis Hospitality in the lower level of Usdan.
  • Technology troubleshooting: Stop by the LTS Help Desk located in the library.
  • Your bill doesn't seem correct: Stop by Student Financial Services in Usdan.

Homesickness is normal

Even though your student might want to spend weekends with family members/at home, encourage him or her to spend weekend time on-campus. There are many programs, activities, movies, and religious services going on! This is a key way to feel more at home while away at school and to make new friends.