Current Students

First Year Students

Meghan Hickeymeghan
Meghan earned her BA in Russian and French from Lawrence University in 2012, after which she spent two years teaching English as a Foreign Language in the outskirts of Moscow. She moved to Chicago in 2014 where she worked at an industrial supply company by day and studied computer programming at night. Inspired by her aunt’s work for Doctors without Borders in Chechnya and Belarus, Meghan is interested in machine translation and the ways NLP technology can improve patient care.

Jessica Hanh Huynhjessica
Jessica got her BS at Brandeis in 2016, double majoring in computer science and linguistics along with taking more Arabic than necessary, and decided that she liked computational linguistics enough to stay on for another year for the master’s. Jessica is most interested in machine translation and speech recognition, particularly for under-served languages.

Nicholas A. Millernick
Nick just finished five years as a middle and high school Mandarin teacher at an international school in Vietnam. He particularly enjoyed the process of determining where students are in their learning, designing tasks that help them accomplish things they couldn't do before, and figuring out what kind of feedback to give in order to help them overcome their misconceptions.

Chester Palen-Michelchester
Chester received a BA in Spanish Education from Kent State University. He taught English as a second language at Kent State for 4 years before coming to Brandeis to pursue his interest in computational linguistics.

Adrianne Schwarzentruberadrianne
Adrianne is entering the program as a 5th-year BA/MA student. She just finished undergrad at Brandeis, majoring in Psychology and Linguistics and minoring in Computer Science. She'd like to combine these three fields and continue working with speech disruptions that occur due to neurological conditions.

Sasha Spala
Sasha graduated from the University of Southern California in 2016 with a BS in Computational Linguistics, where she focused specifically on psycholinguistics research. Her current areas of interest are in how to take what we know about how we process subtextual information, like interest and emotion, and to recreate it artificially. In her free time she is either out backpacking or spending quality time with her sewing machine. linkedin"

Jennifer StorozumJennifer
Jennifer earned a BS in Business Administration and a BA in Chinese from American University. She then spent the next two years teaching English as a second language in Korea, where she became interested in machine translation. At Brandeis, Jennifer is excited to pursue her interests in natural language processing, machine translation and speech recognition.

Elizabeth Wellsewells
Before coming to Brandeis, Elizabeth attended Binghamton University where she got her B.A. in Linguistics and French while also taking computer science classes. She is now combining her interests by pursuing her M.A. in Computational Linguistics.

Jiajie Yanjiajie
After finishing his study in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the Beijing Language and Culture University, Jiajie's interest grew in combining advanced computer technology with language study. He is eager to broaden and deepen his understanding of the area of NLP in the computational linguistics program at Brandeis. Now Jiajie’s main interest lies in syntax, machine translation and text analyzing.

Second Year Students

Frederic “Jake” FreyerJAKE
Jake graduated with an A.B. in linguistics and African studies from Harvard, and discovered only halfway through that he really enjoys computer science as well. With graduate study in computational linguistics, he hopes to bring together his varied interests to make a difference. Jake is most interested in machine translation and natural-language understanding, especially as they apply to lower-resourced languages.

Ariella Levineariella
Ariella received a BAS in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is really excited about words and how sounds are formed and used together. She's very happy that she's able to pursue both of her academic passions in the Computational Linguistics MA program. 

Kelley Lynchkelley
Kelley received a BS in Mathematics and French from Centre College in 2013, then spent 2 years teaching English in Yamanashi, Japan with the JET Program. The Computational Linguistics MA has been the perfect opportunity for Kelley to combine her passions for math and language while developing her technical skills. She enjoys traveling, studying foreign languages, and logic.

Yuanyuan Mayuanyuan
Yuanyuan came here with a background in Linguistics and Chinese-English translation and is interested in Chinese Language processing and machine learning.

José Andrés Molina
José received a BA in Linguistics and Japanese from the University of Florida, after which he taught English in Japan through the JET program. He is currently pursuing an MA in Computational Linguistics and is interested in the fields of Automated Speech Recognition and Machine Translation.

Orion Buckminster Montoyaorion
After earning an A.B. in Classics at the University of Chicago, Orion found his way into the fields of computational lexicography and software development by way of digital humanities. General-purpose programming skills, however, has made it dangerously easy to get jobs doing web development or other non-linguistic programming. Orion decided to come to the Computational Linguistics MA program to go deeper into both computer science and linguistics and to pursue research in computational lexical semantics.

Noa Naamannaaman
Noa studied philosophy and linguistics at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and then had to leave her interest in logic and semantics behind while working as a QA engineer. She found the CLMA program after her first coding adventure went well and immediately knew that this is where she belongs!

Ryan Nicollryan
Ryan graduated from Brandeis as an undergraduate in 2014. He is interested in syntax, machine translation, and information extraction and retrieval and is hoping to work in industry post-Brandeis.

Hannah Provenzahannah
Hannah graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in linguistics in 2012 and worked in IT consulting for Chicago-area municipal governments from 2012-2014 before taking a year to compete nationally and work as a coach in the sport of fencing. At Brandeis, she plans to expand her technical skillsets so she can be involved in developing new language-oriented products.

José graduated from Whitman College in Washington State with a BA in Politics and a minor in French. After graduating, he taught English in Japan for several years. During that time, he became interested in linguistics. Within computational linguistics, he is particularly interested in machine translation and sentiment analysis, as well as applying computational linguistics methods to language learning. He is excited to be studying at Brandeis and hopes to work in industry in the future.

Clay Rileyclay
Clay received his BS in linguistics from Northeastern University in 2014. With a background in neuroscience and sociolinguistics, he hopes to use computational methods in the modeling and analysis of these systems. Ask him about his modals!

Qishen "Justin" Sujustin
Justin has always been fascinated by the complexity of human languages, and has enjoyed learning new languages. In college, he discovered and fell in love with computer science. Currently as an excited MA candidate in Computational Linguistics, he is studying precisely what he is passionate about.

Annie Lukas Paladino Thorburnannie
Annie has been in love with language since the age of 10, when she took lessons in Ancient Greek. As an undergraduate, Annie obtained degrees in linguistics and biology at the University of Massachusetts. She first encountered computer science in a course on bioinformatics, and quickly decided she wanted to pursue it further. A career in computational linguistics strikes Annie as the perfect way to combine her old and new interests. When she isn't coding or studying language, Annie enjoys cooking, gardening, playing folk music, and immanentizing the eschaton.

Patricia Whitlock

Before Brandeis University, Patricia was an undergraduate majoring in Linguistics, Spanish, and TESOL at the University of Texas at Arlington. She has come to Brandeis with an interest in speech recognition.

Xinhao Wangxinhao
After his graduation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and before coming to Brandeis, Xinhao was doing quantitative research in marketing and human resources. His current interest is in sentiment analysis and machine translation.

Yuzhe Chenchen
Yuzhe graduated with a degree in Japanese from Beijing International Studies University, where he also developed an interest in Computer Science. He is excited to study computational linguistics, and in particular, Speech Recognition and Machine Translation.