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Professor Sophia Malamud

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The study of linguistics at Brandeis has a long and distinguished history, beginning in the late 1960s. Today Brandeis linguistics consists of the undergraduate program in linguistics and the master's degree program in computational linguistics. Brandeis also offers a doctoral degree program in computer science within which students can work on a range of topics in theoretical and applied computational linguistics.

Undergraduate Program in Linguistics

The Brandeis undergraduate linguistics program focuses on theoretical generative linguistics. It offers both a major and minor, with core courses on phonological theory, syntactic theory, formal semantics, and formal pragmatics, as well as a range of electives.

Master's Programs in Computational Linguistics

The two-year master's degree program in computational linguistics is designed for outstanding students, preferably with an undergraduate degree in linguistics, computer science or the study of language. We also offer a five-year combined bachelor's / master's program for Brandeis undergraduate linguistics or computer science students.

PhD Studies in Computational Linguistics

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science program allows students to study computational linguistics while pursuing their doctoral degree.