Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science is designed for students who are interested in entering the work force in Computer Science, possibly after getting a master of arts degree, but are not strongly considering continuing on in a PhD program. Students who wish to pursue a more rigorous track are urged to consider the Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. We also encourage students who are completing a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science to consider completing a second major or minor.

The minimum requirements for the BA in computer science are nine courses:

Five Core courses

  • COSI 11a: Programming in Java and C
  • COSI 12b: Advance Programming Techniques
  • COSI 21a: Data Structures and the Fundamentals of Computing
  • COSI 29a: Discrete Structures
  • COSI 131a: Computer Systems and Organization

Four Electives

  • At least four additional COSI courses, excluding 99d and any course numbered less than 10
  • One course may be cross-listed