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100-level classes are open to undergraduate and graduate students. 200-level classes are for graduate students only.

ENG 103a  Exploring the Self in 17th-Century Poetry
William Flesch, TF 12:30-1:50

ENG 130b  Writing the American Self: American Lives from Franklin to Eggers
Kathy Lawrence, W 5-7:50

ENG 145b  Just Jane Austen: Gender, Justice and the Art of Fiction
Susan Lanser, MWTh 1:00-1:50

ENG 147b  20th-Century American Bestsellers
John Unsworth, TTh 2-3:20

ENG 151a  Queer Studies
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, MWTh 10:00-10:50

ENG 157a  Contemporary Poetry
Laura Quinney, TF 11:00-12:20

ENG 160a  Digital Media and Culture
Kyle Stevens, MWTh 11-11:50

ENG 167a  Decolonizing Fictions
Ulka Anjaria, TF 11:00-12:20

Signature of dept. representative required for enrollment in all 200-level English courses.

ENG 257b  Modernism's Broken Worlds
David Sherman, M 2:00-4:50

ENG 213a Milton
Ramie Targoff, T 2:00-4:50

ENG 230a  Realism
Ulka Anjaria, F 2:00-4:50

GSAS 250c Rethinking the Age of Revolution
Susan Lanser and Jane Kamensky,  Th 5:00-7:50
Note: This is a year-long course.  It will meet every other week for two semesters.

Queer Theory and Politics
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman with C. Heike Schotten and Suzanna Danuta Walters, T 5:30-8:30
Note: This course is part of the greater Boston area's Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies, and will therefore meet at MIT in Cambridge, MA.