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The study of English is an astonishingly rich and varied field. English spans history, from the Middle Ages to the present day. It spans geography, taking on different shapes in English-speaking cultures around the world. And it encompasses a wide array of genres, including poetry and prose, journalism and drama, theory and criticism, and even new media.

As an English major, in addition to becoming literate in one of the world's richest literary traditions and understanding the history that has shaped English-speaking cultures, you'll acquire valuable skills. You will learn how to read carefully and closely, write skillfully and stylishly, and argue analytically and persuasively.

Such highly sought-after abilities will stand you in good stead no matter what path you choose, whether it's pursuing advanced study in English or seeking a job in education, business, law, television, film, politics, psychology, writing, social activism or any number of fields.

Why Brandeis?

The English department faculty are world class and diverse. They bring to the classroom a wide array of perspectives and specialties, such as African and African American studies; film, television and interactive media studies; Anglophone studies; and women's, gender and sexuality studies. Their courses range from the origins of English literature, to Anglophone literature in its global context, to contemporary bestsellers and new media.

Popular areas of focus for students in our department are women's studies; gender and sexuality; modern American literature; Anglophone literature and postcolonial theory; early modern (especially Renaissance) English literature; literature and science; literary theory and philosophy; and contemporary poetry.

Our faculty are also dedicated teachers and mentors. As an English major, you will work one-on-one with your adviser to determine your best course of study. And the English major is extremely flexible, enabling you to tailor your selection of courses to wherever your passions lie in terms of history, geography and genre.

Our department is also very active, sponsoring readings and guest lectures on a regular basis.

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“The community here is so kind and passionate and truly cares about creating a diverse, supportive environment for our students.”

Rachel Benjamin ’14

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Dan Truong

Dan Truong parlayed a summer internship in the communications office of Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg into a job as the assistant director of communications.

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