Unless you have never studied or been exposed to the Chinese language, you will need to take a placement test to determine the level at which you should begin your foreign language course work.

Current Students

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The program offers a full range of modern Chinese (Mandarin) courses from beginning (Chin 10A) to high advanced (Chin 120B) levels. We also offer a special course for students who speak fluent Chinese but do not read or write Chinese (Chin 29B), an advanced business Chinese course that will prepare students for doing business in and/or with China (Chin 106B) and a course taught in English to help students understand Chinese history and culture through film (Chin 130B).

Courses are taught by experienced instructors who follow the highest standards of Chinese teaching in the United States and employ proven pedagogy and new technology to make courses highly efficient.

Fall 2015 Courses

For course times, locations, and additional details, please visit the Fall 2015 Schedule of Classes on the University Registrar's website.

CHIN 10A: Beginning Chinese
Jian Wei and Staff

Four class hours per week.

Mandarin is taught in this intensive course, intended for students with no previous knowledge of Chinese. Class meets four days per week plus one section of individual conversation. It offers training in basic Chinese grammar, speaking, aural comprehension, reading and writing. Chinese characters, and the "pinyin" phonetic system as a tool for learning Chinese. Usually offered every fall.

CHIN 30A: Intermediate Chinese
Xiwen Lu and Staff

Prerequisite: CHIN 20b or equivalent. Four class hours per week.

Development of skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, including the writing of short essays. Usually offered every fall.

CHIN 105A: Advanced Conversation and Composition I
Yu Feng

Prerequisite: A grade of C- or higher in CHIN 40b or the equivalent.

Designed for advanced students who wish to enhance and improve their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing through listening and reading authentic or slightly modified materials, discussing and writing on various topics of Chinese society and culture. Usually offered every fall.

CHIN 120A: Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Advanced Chinese Language
Xiwen Lu

Prerequisite: CHIN 105a or equivalent.

For advanced students of Chinese, an introduction to contemporary Chinese short stories from the 1990s and later. Focuses on significant expansion of vocabulary and grammar, and on providing students an opportunity to develop and polish both oral and written skills through class discussion, presentations, and writing assignments. Usually offered every fall.