Yu Feng

Yu FengProfessor of Chinese
Director of the Chinese Language Program
Director of the Master of Arts Program in Teaching Chinese

Research Expertise

Instruction of modern Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese pedagogy, classical Chinese language, traditional Chinese and oriental philosophy (Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism), comparative ideas, and Chinese cultural heritage as a whole.

Affiliated Departments/Programs

East Asian Studies
Religious Studies
Teaching Chinese (at the College Level)

Select Courses Taught

CHIN 10a: Beginning Chinese I
CHIN 20b: Continuing Chinese
CHIN 105a: Advanced Conversation and Composition I
CHIN 106b: Business Chinese and Culture
CHIN 120a: Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Advanced Chinese Language
CHIN 130b: China on Film: The Changes of Chinese Culture
CHIN 140a: Yin Yu Tang Documents, Decoding the Late Qing and Early Republic Writings (I)
CHIN 201a: Chinese Pedagogy I
CHIN 202b: Chinese Pedagogy II
CHIN 211a: Chinese Practicum I
CHIN 212b: Chinese Practicum II
REL 151a: The Buddha: His Life and Teachings
REL 161a: Chinese Religion and Thought: Understanding Confucianism and Daoism (Taoism)


Renmin University of China, PhD
Renmin University of China, MA


Select Publications


Feng, Yu (co-editor in chief with Shengli Feng). China Issues 2007. First ed. Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2007.

Understanding the People and the World book cover

Feng, Yu (first author), Shengli Feng. Understanding the People and the World. First ed. Beijing: China Higher Education Press, 2007.

On the Present and Past book cover

Feng, Yu, Shengli Feng. On the Present and Past. First ed. Beijing: China Higher Education Press, 2007.

Close the Deal book cover

Feng, Yu (first author). Close the Deal: Advanced Chinese for Creative and Productive Business. First (second print with slight update will come soon) ed. Boston: Cheng & Tsui Company, 2006.

Pop Chinese book cover

Feng, Yu (First Author). Pop Chinese, A Cheng & Tsui Handbook for Contemporary Colloquial Chinese. First and second (2007) ed. Boston: The Cheng & Tsui Company, 2005.

Chinese Maxims book cover

Feng, Yu (second author) with Dafei Gong (First author). Chinese Maxims. first edition, third print ed. Beijing: Sinolingua, 2004.

A Learners' Handbook of Modern Chinese Written Expressions book cover

Feng, Yu. A Learners' Handbook of Modern Chinese Written Expressions. First ed. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2000.

he Four Political Treatises of the Yellow Emperor book cover

Feng, Yu (second author) and Leo S. Chang (first author). The Four Political Treatises of the Yellow Emperor. First ed. Honolulu: Hawaii University Press, 1998.

Feng, Yu (First author). Zhonghua Chuantong Wenhua Daguan (A Concise Encyclopedia of Chinese Cultural Heritage). First Edition ed. Beijing: China Grand Encyclopedia Press, 1993.

Feng, Yu. Tian Yu Ren [Heaven and Man]. First ed. Chongqing: Chongqing Publishing House, 1990.

Selected Readings from Famous Chinese Philosophers book covers

Jun, Shi, Yu Feng, Xiang Shiling eds. Selected Readings from Famous Chinese Philosophers with Annotations and English Translation, Volume 1, General Editor Shi Jun, People’s University of China Press, Beijing, 1988

Other Publications

Feng, Yu and Qingyu Yang. The Implementation of Computerized Chinese Character Input in North American Classrooms. June 2013. Beijing: Commercial Press of China, 2016.

Feng, Yu and Wei, Jian, Jiang, Mingbao. On the Cultural and Overall Knowledge Training for Chinese Language Instructors, Analysis the Results of a Special Test. Diss. BLCU Publishing House, June 2013. 2016.

Feng, Yu. "Two Suggestions for Teaching Advanced Chinese for Western Learners." Newsletter of International Society for Chinese Language Teaching 2. 4(8) (2011): 28-30.

Feng, Yu. "Popularization and Enhancement, an overview of Chinese-language instruction overseas." Sino-American Culture and Society 2009. 4 (Winter) (2009): 85-87.