Jian Wei

Jian WeiLecturer in Chinese

Research Interests

Chinese language; Computer-based teaching method; Teaching chinese at beginning level and advanced level; Advanced conversational Chinese


College of Chinese Culture, MA


Brandeis University Teaching Innovations Grant (2015)
Theodore and Jane Norman Award for Faculty Scholarship (2015)

Selected Publications

Wei, Jian/Yu Feng. "On the Cultural and Overall Knowledge Training for Chinese Language Instructors, Analysis the Results of a Special Test." (2016).

Wei, Jian. Analysis of the Contents Culture Deficiency of the Teachers of Chinese Language for Foreign Students through a Comprehensive Culture Test. 2013.

Select Courses Taught

CHIN 10a: Beginning Chinese I
CHIN 20b: Continuing Chinese
CHIN 29b: Pathways for Chinese Literacy
CHIN 30a: Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 40b: Advanced Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 105a: Advanced Conversation and Composition I
CHIN 105b: Advanced Conversation and Composition II
CHIN 120a: Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Advanced Chinese Language
CHIN 120b: Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Advanced Chinese Language II
CHIN 126a: Advanced Conversational Chinese
CHIN 211a: Chinese Practicum I
CHIN 212b: Chinese Practicum II