2016-17 UDRs

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Brandeis Inside Out: Andrew Baker '18

Check out the BrandeisNOW feature on Russian Studies UDR and competitive swimmer Andrew Baker!

Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs)

The Russian Studies Program Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs) for 2016-2017 are listed below. We encourage you to reach out to them with any questions you may have about their experience as students in the program.

Andrew Baker '18
Russian Studies/International and Global Studies

Andrew BakerI am a junior from Wilmington, MA, and have been studying Russian since freshman year of high school. Beyond the Russian UDR program, I am a member of the Swim Team, Russian Club, Admissions Hosting Volunteers, and occasionally pop up on the Shapiro Theater Stage in the 24 Hour Musical. This summer, I undertook an internship with the US Department of State, which was an amazing experience.

Russian is a passion for me, and I knew coming into Brandeis that I wanted to major in the language. Being a UDR is my way of giving back to the community and professors (like Professor Dubinina) that have given so much to me, and as a way to share my passion for Russian. If you wish to discuss studying Russian, the best way to cook blini, Russia's performance in the Rio Olympics, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me at abaker31@brandeis.edu!

Gabriel Carrasquillo Vilaró '18
Russian Studies/International and Global Studies/Politics

Gabriel CarrasquilloI am currently a junior at Brandeis, from Dorado, Puerto Rico. I hope to be able to graduate with majors in Politics and International Studies. I adore playing football, as well as appreciating art in its various media (music, film, paint) and what parts they play in representing the realities of their creators.

I started studying Russian here at Brandeis, but have always been dead set on learning it because of its integral part in international politics throughout the twentieth century to the present. I have also been fascinated by the opportunity to open my mind to a non-Romance culture and its practices, as well as learn an entire new alphabet.

Becoming a UDR for this program was an easy decision for me to make, due to the incredibly friendly and accessible staff and previous UDRs, and I wanted to have the opportunity to continue to offer such a welcoming department for future participants of the program. Other than being UDR, I am involved in BFC and Greek life.

Linda Liu '18
Russian Studies/Biology

Linda LiuI'm currently a junior from Reading, MA, now living in Boxborough, majoring in Biology and Russian Studies. My three loves in life are books, music, and viruses (I'll explain, I swear). I'm an avid reader, and if I'm not holed up in my room studying, I'm holed up in my room reading. And whether I'm in my room or outside braving the deadly nature (any CGP Grey fans?), I've got my earbuds in. Right now I'm on a serious Okean El'zy kick.

My scientific interest is mostly in viruses and genetics/evolution. I'm hoping to eventually work on research involving viruses and other infectious agents, hence the biology major. I'd like to someday be able to put my Russian major to professional use. So far it's all been for recreation, but who knows?

Questions about juggling a science and a humanities major? Need recommendations for which Russian literature courses to take? Anything you want to talk about, feel free to email me at lliu18@brandeis.edu!