Senior Thesis Topics

Following is a list of students and their thesis topics from past years:


Marc Alsina, "Argentine Political Law and the Recurring Breakdown of Democracy"

Alexis Brooks, "Victors' Justice Robert Jackson, the American Press, and the Nuremberg Trials"

Debra Friedmann, "The Success of Antipater and Herod as Intermediaries Between Rome and Judea"

Max Goldstein, "A New Elizabethan England: The Golden Age of Barbary Pirates"

Jonathan Ostrowsky, "Evolving Public Attitudes: The Rise and Fall of Compulsory Sterilization of The Intellectually Disabled in the United States"

Alex Self, "The Rise and Fall of the Bloody Code"


Marc Eder, "A Survey of Factors Leading to the 1882 British Invasion of Egypt"

Adam Cohen, "Consequences for Our Actions: American Decision Makers and U.S. Policy Towards Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion to the Rise of the Taliban"

Alexander Katz, "The Cousins' War"

Jonathan Megerian, "His Wisdom Resulted in Peace: The Norman Conquest of 1066 and the Birth of the General Eyre"

Dina Nathanson, "When It Plagues It Pours: Alternative Perspectives on the Virulence of the Black Death"

Felege-Selam Yirga, "Byzantine Mentalities: An Examination of the Social and Cultural Factors of the 1204 Conquest of Constantinople"


Samuel Fuchs, "The Triumph of Diplomacy through International Arbitration: The Alabama Claims and the Geneva Arbitration Tribunal of 1872"

Jarid Fujii, "Schools of Mind, Frames of Mind, Schools of Frames, and Frames for Schools: A Comparative History of Public High School Architecture and Design in Greater Boston and Greater Los Angeles During the 20th and 21st Centuries with Emphasis On the Effects of Regionalism and Pedagogical Innovations"

Samual Hughes, "Counterinsurgency in Malaya: A Predeterminede Victory?"

Leah Lefkowitz, "The Honorable Warrior: The Political Role of the Princely Court and Chivalry in the Later Middle Ages"

Christopher Miller, "Defenders of the Republic: Roman Models and their Influence on the American Founders"

Jonathan Muchin, "Citizens United and Campaign Finance Reform: Ahistorical Jurisprudence"

Dan Podair, "The Centrist Reinvention of the Democratic Party: From Bobby Kennedy to Bill Clinton"

Steve Ragno, "Black Nationalism and Black Religion: The Uses of and Beliefs in a Black Jesus in Twentieth-Century Social Movements"

Rachel Sier, "The Origins of the United States' Broken Immigration System: The Bracerfo Program's Role in Formalizing Mexican Migration"

Rephael Stern, "The Work, However,  Must Go On: The Press Censorship Office at the End of the British Mandate for Palestine, 1944-1948"


Alison Channon, "From Conjugal Rights to Bodily Self-Possession: Confronting Marital Rape in Nineteenth-Century America"

Nora Epstein, "Images in Conflict: Iconoclasm during the Early English Reformation"

Tegan Kehoe, "Female Education, Gender and the Public Eye in the Literary Careers of Sarah Wentworth Morton and William Hill Brown"

Matthew Lawrence, "The Trauma of Modernity and the Therapy of History: Medievalism Before and After the World Wars"

Daniel Orkin, "The Company of Scotland and the Failure of the Darien Scheme in the Atlantic World"

Benjamin Serby, "The Scientific Ideologist: Lewis Feuer and the marxist Roots of Neoconservatism"

Michael Stars, "'Remember the Maine?' Lessons from a Historiography of the Spanish-American War"


Alex Braver, "'The Great Questions Which Have Agitated This Country' Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln on Whig Political sand Economic Philosophy"

Mallory Cole, "Farming Along the Concord Battle Road: From Market Gardens to National Park, 1860-1960"

Michael Dube, "John Lilburne's Role as a Secular Saint and the Rise of the Leveller Party"

Emily Pope-Obeda, "The Boston Police Strike of 1919"

Adam Ross, "From Darkness to Light: How the Black Death Changed the Practice of Medieval Medicine"

Danielle Ross, "Jonathan Dayton: Soldier, Statesman, Traitor? A Look at Politics in the Early Republic"

Anna Rothman, "Monuments to Empire: The Fate of British Cemeteries in India Since Independence"

Jordan Rothman, "'A Pledge of a Nation': Charting the Economic Aspirations, Political Motivations, and Consequences of Confederate Currency Creation"

Michael Schwartz, "The Normans"

Emily Stoeth, "The Struggle for Educational Equality at the University of Texas School of Law"

Sarah Wolf, "Policies, Propaganda, and Parlilament: The Means and Ends of Royal Power During the Reign of William III"