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Department Events

Eisenbud Lectures 2014
The Eisenbud Lectures are the result of a generous donation by Leonard and Ruth-Jean Eisenbud, intended for a yearly set of lectures by an eminent physicist or mathematician working close to the interface of the two subjects.

2014 - 2015 Recipient and Lecturer: Peter Sarnak,  Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University sarnak

Tuesday,December 2, 2014  - Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 4pm in Abelson 131
Host: B. Lian

Note: Refreshments at 3:30pm outside Abelson 131 before each lecture

Theme: "Randomness in number theory and geometry"
Abstract : The behavior of many arithmetic and geometric objects, from the zeros of zeta functions to the topologies of random real algebraic varieties are apparently dictated by models from statistical physics. We will review some of these and highlight the basic conjectures and some of what is known towards them.


Lecture 1: December 2, 2014   4:00pm
Title: "The topology of random real hypersurfaces and percolation."
Abstract : The topologies of the connected components of the zero sets of random real projective hypersurfaces of high degree follow a universal law of distribution. We explain this (and a more general phenomenon for random band limited functions), its source and some possible connections to percolation.

Lecture 2: December 3, 2014   4:00pm
Title: "Nodal domains for Maass (modular) forms."
Abstract : The eigenstates of the quantization of a classically chaotic hamiltonian are expected tobehave like random monochromatic waves .We discuss this in the context of the eigenfunctions
on the modular surface-ie "Maass Forms ", and especially what can be proved about their nodal domains.

Lecture 3: December 4, 2014   4:00pm
Title: "Families of zeta functions, their symmetries and applications."
Abstract: The local statistical laws for the distribution of the zeros of the Riemann Zeta function and more generally of families of zeta functions ,follow  one of 4 of the 10 universal random matrix ensembles. We review some this phenomenon ,especially in connection with applications.



March 11, 2014

Brandeis University
Cumrun Vafa, Harvard University
Eisenbud Lecture Series in Mathematics and Physics


                  PAST DEPT EVENTS

November 13, 2012

Brandeis University
Olivier Bernardi, Dept. of Mathematics, Brandeis University
New Directions Lecture Series
Title: "Random Lattices and random surfaces"

November 6, 2012

Brandeis University
Olivier Bernardi, Dept. of Mathematics, Brandeis University
New Directions Lecture Series
Title: "Bijections for planar maps"