Department of Mathematics

Doctorate in Mathematics (PhD)

Our PhD program is small and selective and leads to a doctorate degree in mathematics. We recruit outstanding students from around the world and train them to be effective teachers and cutting-edge researchers. You will find our strengths in algebra, analysis, topology, number theory, combinatorics, and applied mathematics.

Why Brandeis?

The math department combines the informality and flexibility of a small department with the intellectual vigor of a faculty whose research accomplishments have placed it among the top departments in the country. The result is an active dialogue among all members of the department and a general air of living, creative mathematics. Our coursework gives you a broad foundation in modern mathematics. 

An essential part of the PhD program consists of seminars on a variety of topics of current interest in which mathematicians from greater Boston often participate. Just beyond Brandeis, you'll find an extended mathematical community of great diversity and depth. In addition to attending lectures, seminars and colloquia, you'll have many opportunities to connect with mathematicians at Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, MIT and Northeastern, to name a few.

Careers and Alumni

Brandeis PhDs in mathematics follow in the footsteps of eminent scholars. Our alumni include: 

A professor stands next to 3 graduate students sitting at desks, laughing

“I would advise (students) to have an open mind and study as many different mathematical topics as they can. Also, mathematics is very difficult and constant failure is a part of every mathematician's life, so one has to accept it and plod on. Occasionally, one is rewarded with an insight into some beautiful mathematics and that makes it all worthwhile.”

Anish Ghosh PhD '06