Student News

Undergraduate News

Arnold Shapiro Prize in Mathematics Recipient

Spring 2022

E Huffman '22  

Spring 2021

Hange Zhu '21  

Spring 2020

Brian Mintz '20 

Division of Science Prize for Outstanding Research Recipient

Spring 2021

Xiao Zhong '21

Spring 2020

Joel Herman '20  

Elihu A. Silver Prize Recipient

Spring 2020

Xiao Zhong '21 has been awarded the Elihu A. Silver Prize.The prize is given annually for excellence in research in Math and Physics.

Graduate News

The Jerome Levine Thesis Prize, in honor of Prof. Jerry Levine, is given annually to a graduate student finishing with an outstanding PhD thesis. 

  • (2022) Changxin Ding "Combinatorial and Geometric Correspondences in Algebraic Graph Theory"
  • (2020) Langte Ma, "Gluing and Surgery for the Casson-Seiberg-Witten Invariant of Integral 
    Homology S1 × S3"
  • (2019) Ying Zhou, "Four problems related to maximal green sequences"
  • (2018) Yan Zhuang, "Noncommutative Symmetric Functions and Permutation Enumeration"
  • (2017) Yiting Li, "Rigidity of eigenvalues for β ensemble in multi-cut regime"

  • (2017) Biji Wong, "Torsion Invariants of 3-orbifolds, Equivariant Corks, & Heegaard Floer Homology"

  • (2016) Matthew Cordes, "Morse boundaries of proper geodesic spaces"

  • (2015) Anna Medvedovsky, "Lower bounds on dimensions of mod-p Hecke algebras: The nilpotence method"

  • (2014) Stephen Hermes, "Higher homotopy structure of Ginzburg algebras"

  • (2013) Alyson Burchardt, "The Hausmann-Weinberger 4-manifold invariant of right-angled Artin groups"

  • (2012) Ryan Broderick, "Incompressibility and fractals"

  • (2010) Mark Radosevich, "Concave spin fillings of contact 3-manifolds"

  • (2009) Brian Drake, "An Inversion Theorem for Labeled Trees and Some Limits of Areas under Lattice Paths"

  • (2008) Hsin-Hong Lai, "The invariance of virtual classes under blow up of a point when g=0"

Graduate Student Teaching Prize
  • 2020-2021 Co-winners: Shizhe Liang, Ray Maresca
  • 2019-2020 Charles Stine
  • 2018-2019 Eric Hanson
  • 2017-2018 Charlotte Rose Morris-Wright
Harold I Levine Endowed Fellowship Prize Winners

The Harold I. Levine Endowed Fellowship supports graduate student research in mathematics. The fellowship is endowed by Emeritus Professor Harold Levine and his wife Renée.

  • 2022
    Yu Xin, Ray Maresca
  • 2021
    Changxin Ding
  • 2020:
    Ian Montague
    Mishel Skenderi
  • 2019:
    Charlotte Rose Morris-Wright
  • 2018:
    McKee Krumpak
    Qing Liu
  • 2017:
    Angelica Deibel
    Matthew Garcia
Richard S. Palais Endowed Fellowship Recipients

The Richard S. Palais Endowed Fellowship was established in December 2017 by Bing-Le Wu, PhD '91 and Wei Du, PhD '94 in honor of Emeritus Professor Richard S. Palais. It is to be awarded to a graduate student enrolled at Brandeis University who is pursuing graduate studies in Mathematics.

  • 2021
    Gabe Lozada Rodriguez
  • 2020
    Gabe Lozada Rodriguez
  • 2019
    Wei Lu

Exceptional Department Service Award/Remote Learning Transition of 2020 Award
The Exceptional Department Service Award is given to a graduate student who supported the department during the pivot to remote learning during the COVID-19 crisis. A letter from the Dean of GSAS, Eric Chasalow, to the recipient Charles Stine states in part "Your program faculty nominated you for this award because of your contributions to supporting the department's pivot to remote learning. Along with your program, GSAS appreciates the additional efforts you made to support those around you, particularly at a time when that support has never been more critical."
  • 2020
    Charles Stine