"My experience in NEJS was everything that I could have hoped for. The faculty were challenging, accessible, and supportive: they taught me how to expect the best of myself while giving me the tools to be a serious scholar. I also benefited from and truly enjoyed the opportunities I had to teach in the department. In addition, the sense of community among faculty, staff, and students in NEJS makes it a wonderful place to study. I am convinced that my training at Brandeis was second to none."

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Faculty Research

The Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) is home to a strong and diverse international faculty whose members research the Bible and Ancient Near East, the modern Middle East, Jewish civilization from its beginnings through historical and contemporary times, Israel studies, Rabbinic Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Our classes are taught on many levels, in disciplines including textual and literary studies, history, social sciences, intellectual history and philosophy, religion and the arts. NEJS classes, with students of all backgrounds, cross the boundaries of historical periods, textual and artistic traditions, religions and civilizations, and highlight the interaction between diverse Jewish, Christian, Muslim and secular cultures.

NEJS faculty reflect diverse religious and intellectual milieus, utilizing multiple disciplines such as critical textual and literary analysis, archival historical detective work, social scientific research, and discussions of artistic expressions. Examples of diverse NEJS faculty research areas illustrate that diversity.