Do You Know Who Your Representatives Are?

Contact Dana Brattloff | Bio
(for master's students)

Your grad reps are there for you in many ways. Contact them if you want to:

  • learn about the program from an experienced student
  • get advice on housing, getting around town or navigating the Brandeis campus
  • share questions or concerns about being a graduate student here
  • suggest ideas for promoting social connections with your fellow students

Don't be bashful about contacting them!

MA Thesis Guidelines

Beginning in the fall of 2008, students entering graduate programs with a master's thesis requirement must electronically deposit their thesis to the Brandeis Institutional Repository. For information regarding mandatory guidelines, timetable, and helpful resources, refer to this Quick Guide for MA Thesis Submission.

Contact Emily Goldberg if you have any questions at, (781) 736-3417.

Job Hunting and CV Writing

From Professor Sheppard:

In addition to the books we have in the department and the article in Perspectives on the dos and don'ts of constructing a cover-letter and CV, I found these helpful resources for graduate students planning to go on the academic job market. It is crucial to remember that you should not copy/paste or lift phrases from sample cover letters and CVs since search committees will often be able to sense when something is not original; especially when more than one applicant has the same wording in their application materials.

Helpful Links

Brandeis Hiatt Career Center

University of California, Berkeley, Career Center

The University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Career Services Office

UC San Diego Academic Job Search Survival Handbook (pdf)

Carnegie Mellon University Career Center:  Career Success Guides