Recent Senior Theses

Sara Fried:  "I will demand of you, and you will answer me."  Arguing Effectively with God

Lauren Cimbol:  “How 1950s Suburban Synagogue Architecture Reflects Changing Attitudes within American Judaism”

Dahlia Herzog:  “Adam’s Sin as a Model for Human Nature and the Redemption of Israel:  The Interpretations of Genesis Chapter 3 in Avot D’Rabbi Natan and Genesis Rabbah”

Eitan Cooper: "Milah Confronts Modernity: Analyzing Debates Over Circumcision Technique"

Emma Green: "Judaism in the Buckle of the Bible Belt: The Oklahoma City Jewish Community"

Schneck Tamar: "The Mellah: Exploring Jewish and Muslim Narratives on Urban Spaces"

Erica Shaps: "Living Stones in the 21st Century: The Complicated Identity of Christian Arabs in Israel

Sarah Geller: "Hezbollah's Lebanonization and its Effects on the Israel-Lebanon Relationship from 2004-2008


Brian Blumenthal:  “InTension:  PresenTense and the Reinvention of the Next Generation Jew”

Hillel Buechler:  “Uvah Teheze:  Biblical Criticism and Halakhah in Modern Jewish Thought”

Ethan Goldberg:  “In the Shadow of Sulzer:  The Mixed Legacy of Cantor Alois Kaiser”

Ilana Sidorsky:  “Hamakom Yinachem Etchem:  Understanding the Impact of Jewish Mourning Rituals Within Developing Jewish Identity”


Emily Jaeger:  “Differences Within:  Gender and Gender-Bending in Ugaritic Mythological, Epistolary, Legal and Administrative Texts”

Joshua Jerusalmi:  “A Monumental Statement:  Placement and Meaning in the Shaw and New England Holocaust Memorial”

Madeline Mayer:  Service Learning Programs in Jewish Day School

Hannah Perlman:  “The Language and Legacy of Violence in the Akedah”


Marnina Cowan:  “The Position of the Hebrew Language among Arab Citizens of Israel" in Hebrew, "יחסם של ערבים אזרחי ישראל לשפה העברית"

Talia Graff:  “From Ideology to the Classroom: Israel Education in the Religious Schools of a Reform and a Conservative Congregation”

Zach Margulies:  "Upon the Shoulders of the Seaward Philistines:" Philistine Governance in the Iron Age I and IIA”

Garrett Nada:  “The Self-Identity of the Naqab-Bedouin Students of Ben-Gurion University”

Rebecca Shapiro:  “Memories Never Die:  The Significance of Objects in a Survivor's Tale”

Emily Watkins:  “On the Border of Fire:  Origins of the National Religious Settler Movement in Israel"


Elizabeth Imber:  “Scottish Missionary Work among Jews in the 19th Century”

Yael Rooks-Rapport:  Post-Jewish Art

Sara Smith:  “Imahot Liturgy:  A Study of the Historic Development of the Insertion of the Imahot into the Amidah”

Recent Senior Theses in the IMES Program

 Ari Weisfuse:  "Negotiating Oblivion.  Sayf al 'adl:  Al quaeda's Top Operative"

Noa Balf:  “Women’s Issues and the Israeli Knesset”

Avi Biehler:  “Early Islamic Political Theory”

Hamilton Cook:  “The Sultan of Lovers Drunk on the Sobering Wine of Gnosis: Sobriety, Knowledge, and Detachment in Ibn al-Fāriḍ's Mystical Poetry”

Marc Eder:  “ The British Invasion of Egypt in 1882”

Asher Bublick Eitan:  “The Legacy of the Yishuv Political System on the Israeli Constitution:  Obstacles towards Adopting an Entrenched Constitution”

Charles Gandelman:  “Comparison of Political Philosophy of Al-Farabi and Maimonides”

Garrett Nada:  “The Self-Identity of the Naqab-Bedouin Students of Ben-Gurion University”

Hannah Levinger:  “The Philosophical, Religious, and Literary Significance of Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan”