Brandeis PHDs on the Market

Casey Clevenger
Expected Date of PhD: May 2015
Research/Teaching Interests: Sociology of Religion and Culture, Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Global and Transnational Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, African Studies, Human Rights, Research Methods
Dissertation Title: "Women with Hearts as Wide as the World:" Gender, Race, and Inequality in Women's Transnational Religious Organizations
Dissertation Committee: Wendy Cadge (Chair), Karen Hansen, and Carmen Sirianni

Casey Clevenger

Jennifer Girouard
Expected Date of PhD: May 2015
Research/Teaching Interests: Political Sociology, Sociology of Law, Sociology of Culture, Civic Engagement, Social Movements, Space and Place, Qualitative Research Methods
Dissertation Title: When Law Comes to Town: A Study of Massachusetts’ Affordable Housing Law
Dissertation Committee: Carmen Sirianni (Chair); Wendy Cadge; Gila Hayim

Jen Girouard

Jill M. Smith
Date of PhD:
 February 2014
Research and Teaching Interests:
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Culture
Social Theory
Qualitative Research Methods
Dissertation Title: The Role of Independent Educational Consultants in the College Application Process 
Dissertation Committee:
Wendy Cadge(Chair), David Cunningham, Laura Miller, Mary Brinton (Harvard)
Current Position: Lecturer, Tufts University, Spring 2015

Jill Smith

Dana Zarhin
Date of PhD:
 August, 2013        
Research and Teaching Interests: Sociology of health and illness; Intersections of gender, ethnicity, and class; Feminist theories; Sociology of sleep; Sociology of body and embodiment; Qualitative Research Methods
Dissertation Title: Obstructive Sleep Apnea as a Patient Contested Illness: Pathways to and away from Medicalization
Dissertation Committee: Peter Conrad (chair), Karen V. Hansen, Sara Shostak, Valerie Leiter (Simmons College)
Current Position: Kreitman Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Health Systems Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel

Dana Zarhin