Cheryl Hansen

Senior Academic Administrator 

Pearlman 206



Lauren Jordahl

Academic Administrator

Pearlman 108

Lauren Jordahl

Meet our Student Workers!

The students that work in the Sociology office also work for PAX and SJSP.

Shota Adamia '15

Shota is trained in CMS, helps do website updates, and is our technical expert.
He recently won the prestigious YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund award and is a finalist for the $30,000 Geoffrey Beene Scholarship.


Aliza Heeran '16

Aliza is an Environmental Studies major who will be studying abroad next semester in Israel. 


Esther Mann '15

Esther is an Environmental Studies major and has served as a liason between the ENVS program and the Sociology department. 
She is graduating this semester and recently enrolled at Touro College of Ostheopatic Medicine in New York City.


Genevieve Oliveira '15

Genevieve is our resident blogger. She is a coordinator for the 2015 Alumni Reunion and she just signed her job offer with Ernst & Young and will be moving to New York City after graduation.


Zachary Smith '15

Zach is a creative force in the office.  He is our visual visionary.  Currently he is starring in the Brandeis Theater Company's production of Conference of the Birds.


Lee Remi '16

Like Shota, Lee is also trained in CMS and helps with database management.
She is a Community Advisor on campus for first-years and was just elected to be the next president of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority at Brandeis.


Zoë Richman '15

Zoë is a Politics major. She helps out with database management and other creative endeavors.