Updates and Statements

Brandeis was founded on the values of open inquiry, academic excellence, and an abiding commitment to social justice. The history of Brandeis has shown that commitment to social justice must be an ongoing effort in both learning and implementation in order to ensure equity for all.   

The list of documents in this page relate to different general events and events specific to Brandeis around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. 


August 8: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Academic Year 2018 Update (pdf)

February 16: Trainings on Campus Protocols for DACA and Temporary Protected Status Inquiries

February 2: Upcoming Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Presentations

January 25: Introducing Our New Muslim Chaplain

January 10: Introducing the Brandeis Ombuds


April 7: Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office Hours

March 24: Invitation to discuss LGBTQ Faculty/Staff Association

February 2: Community Update - Immigration Executive Order and Resources

January 30: Community Discussion on U.S. Immigration Policy

January 29: In Response to Friday's Executive Order


November 18: Update on Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

November 17: Reaffirming our Community Principles

November 14: Troubling Campus Incident

November 14: Town Hall for Unity, Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 8 p.m.

November 9: Post-Election Discussions

November 2: Chief Diversity Officer Announcement

September 26: A Message to the Brandeis Community

August 29: Update on Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

June 12: Standing United with Orlando, Florida

June 3: Update on diversity and inclusion efforts

May 31: Brandeis’ commitment to founders’ values

March 18: Analysis of Campus Climate Results According to Race/Ethnicity/International Status

Feb. 24: Update on diversity and inclusion efforts


Dec. 1: Draft Implementation Plan for Diversity and Inclusions (pdf)

Dec. 1: Reaffirming and Accelerating Brandeis' Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice

Nov. 28: Statements of Support and Commitments to Action to Advance Diversity and Inclusion at Brandeis University by Department, School, and Program

Nov. 23: A Message to the Brandeis Community

Nov. 20: An Initial Response to Concerned Students 2015

Nov 19: Concerned Students 2015 Email Demands

Nov. 13: A Statement of Solidarity