Undergraduate Departmental Representatives

Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs) serve as student representatives of the department, organize events for economics students and provide feedback to faculty and staff. 

UDRs are also available to provide information to economics majors and prospective majors.

Meet Our UDRs

Roza Muluken-Azene
Roza Muluken-Azene ‘18
Economics and Mathematics Major

My name is Roza Azene. I am a junior from Ethiopia. I am a proud Brandeisian and recipient of Wien International Scholarship. I am pursuing a double major in Economics and Mathematics, and hopefully a minor in Business.

I have been passionate about economics since the first time I took Introduction to Microeconomics in 11th grade. The concepts were very relatable and interesting. I love what I learn and hope to apply the knowledge and experience from Brandeis in real economic problems facing our world in general, and Ethiopia in particular. I had the opportunity to work as a research assistant intern in EAGATE consultancy in Addis Ababa, which has been an eye opening real world experience. Additionally, in the next semesters, I will be working as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for Econ80A, and a BUGS tutor for the upper level economics classes at Brandeis.

I have had a very strong support system here in Brandeis both academically and socially. Now, I look forward to giving back to the community as a UDR. I plan to be a good friend and supporter to new and returning economics majors and those considering the major. I also hope to be there for my fellow international students who face some more challenges adjusting to the new place.  I aim to work with my team to organize events that bring the students, faculty and alumni together.

Besides academics, I enjoy spending time with my friends, swimming, reading novels, and watching Korean dramas.

After graduation, I hope to continue working in the fields of research, data analysis, and consultancy in the future. I am also considering going to graduate school to study economics in depth.

Emily Hong
Emily Hong ‘19
Economics and Business Major

Emily Hong is a junior from Wakefield, MA, pursuing a double major in Economics and Business. On campus, she is Treasurer for the Brandeis Asisan American Students Association and dedicates much of her time securing free food at all BAASA events! Moreover she loves being part of the culture club community, connecting with part of her identity as well as spreading awareness for AAPI social & political issues. She is the PR Coordinator for the Brandeis Student Consultancy and Assistant Treasurer at the Student Union. This past summer she interned at Mirror Placement, a local firm in Concord, MA.

She deliberated long and hard about what to major in and chose Economics because it balances quantitative and social sides, making it easy to relate to real world problems. She looks forward to answering questions other students may have about deciding on a major. As a UDR, she hopes to be a great resource to new and returning students by organizing useful/relevant events for all!

In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix (Gilmore Girls), spending time with BAASA family, going to Boston to eat copious amounts of ramen, dim sum, and boba. Please feel free to reach out to her through email or facebook!

Darhan Rzaev
Darhan Rzaev ‘19
Economics, IBS Scholar

Darhan is a junior pursuing a major in economics and has relative coursework in computer science. He is also an IBS scholar, part of the BA/MA program with the Brandeis International Business School. He lives in New York City where he has completed most of his work and internship experience. He enjoys lacrosse and basketball, writing poetry (favorite poet is Milosz Czeslaw), reading books (favorite author is George Orwell) and blogs. Darhan loves to learn and research new technology & innovations, and follow their impact on the world, especially in developing countries.

On campus, he works at IBS in the admissions and careers office, assisting the student engagement team with events for graduate students and IBS scholars. If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting with Darhan, send him an email!