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Call for Papers- Creative Approaches to Transitional Justice: Contributions of Arts and Culture
2020 Special Issue, International Journal of Transitional Justice
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Call for Papers: The Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
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A Reflection on Ebony Axis
By Sarah Nzisabira

Featured News from the Field Theme: "Artists Respond to Climate Change"

Featured News from the Field Theme: "Creative Reflections on Human Migration"


The Dance + Social Justice Conference
March 9-10, 2019
Los Angeles
Free Body Conference

Naila and the Uprising
PBS Special starting March 25, 2019

Just Vision
just vision

MASS Action (Museums As Site for Social Action)

Report of the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights
January 4, 2018
Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (ONCHR)

As Criminalization of the Arts Intensifies in Cuba, Activists Organize
Yanelyz Nunez Leyva
Photo courtesy Yanelyz Nuñez Leyva, Hyperallergic

Theatre. Immersion. Education. (TIE)

On Ajoka: An Interview and In Memoriam
By Fawzia Afzal-Khan

Zurich, Switzerland

Introducing USDAC Outposts

"Arts and Building Peace: The Basics and Envisioning the Future"
Essay by Cynthia Cohen
Peace in Progress Magazine

Theatre: Spotlight on Russia

Interview with Lee Perlman about
Book: “But Abu Ibrahim, We’re Family!”

Pop Culture Collaborative

Film: “Disturbing the Peace”
Combatants for Peace
disturbing peace

Art Radar

Quilts from Syria and Iraq
The Advocacy Project

Displaced Artists Fund Residency Program
Vermont Studio Center

A TheTheatreTimes.com
Now Seeking Contributions

Women In Music

Professor Cynthia Cohen Solves the World's Problems with Creativity
The Brandeis Hoot

Oakland Arts Review
Call for Submissions

Monitoring and Evaluation of Participatory Theatre for Change
Search for Common Ground, UNICEF

“Yes, Art and Culture Can Change the World”
By Adam Horowitz
GOOD Magazine

Artist Protection Fund (AFP)
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USDAC "HI-LI" Creative Community Database
Accepting project submissions

Optivism - Music & Film

24th International Festival of Student Theatre
September 28 to October 2
Besançon, France

Past Featured Theme -
Artistic Responses to Other Current Global Crises

Publishing opportunity for students and faculty

Africa Yoga Project
Photo Credit: Robin O'Neill

Read Ceremonies of Dance and Song in Native American Peacemaking by Polly Walker

Xchange Perspectives (XCP) is using a Peacebuilding and the Arts report to support their work in South Sudan.
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Archive -
News from the Field

Acting Together Documentary

holding hands

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News From the Field

A listing of news, events, artistic works, resources, and opportunities related to the field of peacebuilding and the arts.

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  • Featured Theme: Creative Reflections on Human Migration
  • Featured Theme: Artists Respond to Climate Change

News & Events

Naila and the Uprising
Starting March 25, 2019

PBS officially announces the award-winning documentary, Naila and the Uprising, to be broadcast nation-wide on PBS on March 25, 2019, as part of the Women War & Peace II series.

The acclaimed series returns just as women are mobilizing in unprecedented ways across the globe, and running for office and getting elected at historic levels. Women War & Peace II gives context and color to the present moment with four stories of incredible women who fought for justice and equality, changing the world in the process.


MASS Action (Museums As Site for Social Action)

MASS Action (Museums As Site for Social Action) is a movement that intends to reshape the model of what a 21st-century museum can be. The Minneapolis Institute of Art, in collaboration with stakeholders across the field, is creating a platform for public dialogues on a variety of topics and issues affecting our communities locally and globally, leading to actionable practices for greater equity and inclusion in their institutions.

An article for Medium Liz Ginsberg stated, "The catalyst was the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in Ferguson, Missouri, by a white police officer. Brown’s death sparked months of protest, though it was not the first—nor would it be the last—incident of its kind and was indicative of a larger issue, a legacy of inequality, racial injustice, and white supremacy. Like the deaths of Eric Garner and Ezell Ford that same summer, Brown’s death incited an urgency for answers. An urgency for accountability and justice. If legacies of racial injustice and white supremacy were to be confronted, silence could no longer be tolerated. It was in December that year that a group of museum bloggers issued a joint statement, calling on museums to respond.

'The recent series of events, from Ferguson to Cleveland and New York, have created a watershed moment,' the statement begins. 'Things must change. New laws and policies will help, but any movement toward greater cultural and racial understanding and communication must be supported by our country’s cultural and educational infrastructure. Museums are a part of this educational and cultural network. Join with your community in addressing these issues.' " Participants in MASS Action come from across the U.S. as well as Canada and the U.K. Read a related article by Kaywin Feldman, the Nivin and Duncan MacMillan Director and President of Minneapolis Institute of Art. Visit the MASS website.

International Community Arts Festival (CAF)
ICAFMarch 25 - 29, 2020
Rotterdam, Netherlands
CAF is an International Community Arts Festival sharing community arts from all over the world. Once every three years, ICAF brings together the most innovative, the most controversial, the most inspiring work and those involved in it. The next edition will take place from March 25 to 29, 2020 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The theme for the next ICAF will be VISION. Organizers urge you to send your thoughts about the theme including exciting projects that might be a good fit.

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Creative Reflections on Human Migration

Music & Migration 
music & migrationIn Sound in Europe
Read pieces reflecting on the intersection of music and migration, including a feature on a press statement given by the organisers of the World Music Expo (WOMEX), ‘Against Xenophobia and Pro Diversity.’ 

The Art of Migration
art of migrationIn the summer of 2018, an artist, a dancer, a professional traveler & a U.S. immigration lawyer embark on a 10,000+ mile journey through 20+ countries in Eastern Europe & Central Asia, to raise awareness about migration & to explore culture & identity through public art, conversation & storytelling.

Refugees Welcome: 15 Pieces of Street Art and Graffiti from Europe and beyond
Showing Solidarity in the ongoing Refugee Crisis Aesthetics of Crisis

CAMP: A Unique Center For Art Engaging Migration
campCopenhagen, Denmark

CAMP is a nonprofit exhibition space for art discussing questions of displacement, migration, immigration, and asylum.

Crossing Borders: Immigration and American Culture
Current exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

A digital exhibition highlighting artists who immigrated to the US, often as refugees in search of safe haven, bringing their ideas and talents with them. Part of a series of called Citizens and Borders offering a critical perspective on histories of migration, territory, and displacement.

13 Artists On: Immigration
New York Times

"When Home Won't Let You Stay": Art and Migration in the 21st Century
Presentation at College Arts Association (CAA) Annual Conference
New York City
February 13-16, 2019
View additional migration related presentations at the conference

Onderweg Festival
A festival hosted by Iepen UP and Stichting de Vrolijkheid (The National Foundation for the Promotion of Happiness), an organization that invests with art in the development & empowerment of children, young people, and their parents in asylum reception centers.

Art on immigration/migration
by Ricardo Levins Morales

Room to Breathe, Migration Museum Project
Room to Breathe is an immersive experience inviting you to discover stories from generations of new arrivals to Britain.

Artists Respond to Climate Change

10 Artists on What Climate Change Actually Looks Like

Yoro ventured into the devastating aftermath of recent wildfires painting a mural inspired by the need to grow new thoughts on preserving and protecting land. Image: “Nahi” by Sean Yoro.

Indicators: Artists on Climate Change
Storm King Art Center, New York

The exhibit was a platform for seventeen contemporary artists to present work that engages with some of the many challenges—scientific, cultural, personal, psychological—that climate change has brought to humankind. Read a related article and feature by NRDC. View exhibition website.

Resilience in the Age of Climate Change
Google Arts & Culture

Visionary artists and architects explore the specter of a warming planet.

8 Ways Architects and Artists are Fighting Climate Change
By Beatrice Galilee, Associate Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art

“I find it intriguing to see how architects and artists, in their roles as thinkers and producers, are absorbing and reacting to these changing environments. I see architects working with rocket scientists to invent new types of power plants, and artists collaborating with NASA to take spectacular photographs of fast-melting ice caps....”

Designed in California
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

This exhibit explored the shifting landscape of design in California since the digital revolution, this exhibition focuses on designs that are human-centered, socially conscious, and driven by new technological capacity.

18 Green Artists Who Are Making Climate Change And Conservation A Priority
Huff Post

“Tying together the scientific and creative worlds in acts of beauty and activism, sculptors, painters, photographers and more have the power to make environmentalism a priority and bring green initiatives to the forefront of cultural conversations.”

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Resources & Opportunities

JPS Fiction

jpsJPSFiction is the outreach of author, poet, publisher and academic Dr John Synott, from Brisbane, Australia. JPSFiction is a creative enterprise to publish my writings, and those of others, for readers who care about the future of the natural world that is our earthly source and home. It is also a space for culturally-diverse and aware writers to share our interests and ideas on issues of sustainability. Learn more.

IPT Master Class on Dialogue Methods for Peacebuilding with Han Verhoeven & Henk van Apeldoorn
March 18-29, 2019

Location: ASPR, Stadtschlaining, Austria

iptSpots for self-funded candidates are still available!

The master class offers peace builders methodologies from different parts of the world that will encourage them to include innovative approaches in their work. This class may support them to work with new attitudes and skills and an eye and ear for all perspectives that are at stake.

A mixture of theory and practice, modern and traditional methods, is used to equip participants for a dialogue in which all voices are invited and the wisdom of minority voices is incorporated in decisions. Activities include deep listening, simulations, serious gaming, working with codes, plenary and small group exercises, facilitation and self-care practices. The tools introduced derive from Deep Democracy, Large Scale Intervention methods (Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, Future Search, World Cafe), Principled Negotiation, Transformation theory, Complexity Theory, and policy influencing. Simple holistic wellness practices will support people to tap into the wisdom of their body, mind and spirit to remain healthy while under stress. Learn more and apply.

Support the poetry of Hilde Domin set to music
Deadline: December 14
Hilde Domin
The soulful poetry of the German-Jewish poet Hilde Domin is coming to life in the English-speaking world through exquisite musical settings created and performed by Deborah Langstaff and friends. This campaign offers an opportunity to support the completion of a CD of a cycle of poems and music perfectly attuned to this moment and its spiritual challenges. Learn more and contribute.

Call for Applications: SU-CASA
Deadline: December 14, 5:00pm

LMCCSU-CASA is a community arts engagement program hosted by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) that places artists and organizations for six months at senior centers across the five boroughs of New York City. The program provides selected artists with a stipend in exchange for the creation and delivery of arts programming for seniors.

For the 2019 program cycle, individual artists and selected arts organizations will be eligible to participate. Individual artists may apply for SU-CASA through their local arts council; any organization that submitted an eligible FY18 Cultural Development Fund proposal may apply for SU-CASA through DCA. The program will support a total 204 residencies for individuals and organizations at senior centers in all five boroughs across the City’s 51 Council districts. LMCC is proud to administer 20 residencies for individual artists in Manhattan.

LMCC is proud to be part of this program on behalf of the borough of Manhattan. LMCC will accept applications from Manhattan-based individual artists seeking residencies at participating senior centers in Manhattan only.

DEADLINE: All components of the application must be received no later than 5:00pm on Friday, December 14, 2018.

If you have any questions, please email: info@lmcc.net.

Creative Reflections on Human Migration

When Art and Migration Policy Meet
By Dina Ionesco, Head of Migration, Environment and Climate Change (MECC) at the International Organization on Migration (IOM)

An essay on how art can help bring better understanding to address environmental migration , or migration caused by progressive changes in the environment.

Artists Respond to Climate Change

The Art of Transformation: New study shows how the arts contribute to knowledge-creation and transformations around climate change
Stockholm Resilience Center

Stockholm, Sweden
A new study demonstrates how the role of arts in addressing climate change solutions is understated.

Pacific climate change adaptation: The use of participatory media to promote indigenous knowledge
"Pacific Island communities are increasingly experiencing the impacts of climate change... This article discusses a project undertaken with a community on Andra Island, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea. Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies were explored through photo essays developed by community members, engaging in approaches of visual participatory action research and indigenous research approaches...”

The Art of Climate Change Action by Amir Bagheri

“Artivism, a term coined by the millennials, is not a new phenomenon and is making a strong comeback in youth activism today. With the assistance of social media, artivism has become a popular form of protest, in particular in the climate change movement….”

Podcast - Guy Abrahams: How Arts Can Shape a Discussion about Climate Change
On Purpose

Guy Abrahams, the Co-founder of CLIMARTE, discusses the anthropological influence on climate change and the success story of the message received from the arts outweighing the money value received from the big oil company.

As Climate Changes, We Need the Arts More than Ever
The Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota

In tumultuous times, art can and must express the turmoil and help us process what’s going on.

Climate Change: Can artists have any influence?

As the environment slides down the list of governmental priorities, JM Ledgard and Alastair Smart discuss whether artists can really make a difference.

The Dance + Social Justice Conference
Free Body ConferenceMarch 9-10, 2019
Los Angeles

In the first two-day conference hosted by the Free Body Project, meet and move with some of the most exciting minds in the field, join a tight-knit, vibrant community of dancers, artists, healers, and activists changing the world, and leave with the inspiration and skills to do the same.

The Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program

Trinity - La MamaThe Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts program in New York City offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity for a semester of urban, place-based learning that provides a total immersion in the vibrant theater, dance, and performance communities. With the goal of fostering artistic, academic, and personal growth, students are challenged inside and outside the classroom to experience New York as a laboratory for real-world learning. Trinity College is proud of 32 years of collaboration with the Tony Award-winning La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, which through its international and cultural acclaim, has influenced the trajectory of multidisciplinary art for nearly 60 years. Visit them on Facebook.

Just Vision

just visionJust Vision increases the power and reach of Palestinians and Israelis working to end the occupation and build a future of freedom, dignity and equality for all. The organization drives attention to compelling local role models in unarmed movement-building and demonstrate what is possible when leaders at the grassroots choose to act. Just Vision tells their under-documented stories through award-winning films, digital media and targeted public education campaigns that undermine stereotypes, inspire commitment and galvanize action.

International Storytelling Center

ISCThe cornerstone of the International Storytelling Center (ISC) is a belief in a single, immutable principle of life—storytelling. People crave, remember, and honor stories. And now, after years of scientific research in 17 different fields, analysts conclude that storytelling is our most powerful tool for effective communication. This past summer, the ISC launched a youth empowerment initiative called Stories for Change. They used storytelling and storytelling-adjacent arts like dance and photography to work with these young people so they can break down barriers and brighten our communities. On December 14, 2018 the ISC will present its first Story Summit for Appalachian Youth (SAY).

Call for Papers: The Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
Abstracts Due: January 15, 2019
Full Submissions Due: February 22, 2019

JPDThe Journal of Peacebuilding and Development (JPD) is calling for papers for Volume 14 Number 3, which is to be published in December 2019. JPD offers a space for scholars and practitioners to examine the logic and impacts of dominant policies and practices, and to cultivate visionary, holistic approaches striving to advance collaboration between the fields of peacebuilding and development. Submit now in MSWord .docx format.

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