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Read Ceremonies of Dance and Song in Native American Peacemaking by Polly Walker

Xchange Perspectives (XCP) is using a Peacebuilding and the Arts report to support their work in South Sudan.
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News From the Field

A listing of news, events, artistic works, resources, and opportunities related to the field of peacebuilding and the arts.

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  • Featured Theme: "Artists as First Responders in a Time of Moral Crisis"

News & Events

Play: Kidnap Road
LmmLa MaMa Experimental Theatre Club
74A E 4th Street, New York, NY
April 27 - May 14, 2017

Written by Catherine Filloux
Directed by Elena Araoz

While Ingrid Betancourt, a former senator and anti-corruption activist, was running for President of Colombia in 2002, she was kidnapped by the Marxist revolutionary terrorist organization the FARC. This story is a theatrical re-imagining of those events. The Woman narrates this story, through “intrusive memory,” a symptom of PTSD. She grapples with an ever-present series of moments in her life, as the play shifts in time and place via fragmentary scenes in a variety of locations.

Catherine Filloux is a theater artist who has been writing about human rights and social justice for over twenty years. She was honored with the 2015 Planet Activist Award and 2017 Otto René Castillo Award for Political Theare for her long career as an activist artist in the theater community. Read more and reserve tickets.

Luncheon Talk: Creating Spaces of Dialogue through Public Art with German-Syrian artist Manaf Halbouni
April 4, 12:00 - 2:00pm
Faculty Club, Brandeis University

Join the Center for German and European Studies for a luncheon talk on creating public spaces of dialogue through art with award-winning, German-Syrian artist Manaf Halbouni, whose work challenges public perception and parallel narratives. Manaf Halbouni has been making waves lately with his most recent public sculpture called "the Monument." With this sculpture dedicated to the people of Syria, Manaf Halbouni creates a dialogue between the signs of war from a distant land and places it in stark contrast with the scars of Dresden that reveal the success of change, both physically, but also within the community. His other artworks have addressed similar narratives and challenge identity and narratives in public. Halbouni will explore his work in this talk and explain how he created dialogue using his art in a polarized Germany. Learn moreview the event on Facebook, and RSVP.

Lisa Reindorf: Artists Confront Climate Change
Wednesday, March 22, 3:30pm

Pollack Fine Arts Teaching Center


Image Courtesy of Brandeis'
Fine Arts Department

Contemporary artist and architect Lisa Reindorf will present the work of several artists who interpret the conflict between human-caused climate change and natural ecosystems. Sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts. Free and open to the public.

Evolve Without Boarders: A Global Gathering of Intergenerational Theatre Artists

Convened by Tricklock Theatre Company and Theatre Without Borders
March 16-18, 2017
Albuquerque, NM

evolveThe Revolutions International Theatre Festival’s mission is to connect communities by bringing a broad scope of world theatre to New Mexico, creating a cultural and artistic fusion. The exposure to world theatre and culture increases mutual understanding, inspires change, and empowers individuals to improve the overall quality of life for all people. Visit the website, view the summary, and register.

The Post-Election Role of the Arts

Three Days After the Election

Many, like Bernie Sanders, have argued that since Reagan’s 1980 election we have had 35 years of public policy that ignored rural and inner-city poor and lower-middle class people. It is estimated that now 5% of foundation dollars support rural nonprofits, which are attempting to serve 20% of the U.S. population. C. Bernard “Jack” Jackson told The Los Angeles Times in 1991, "One of the major problems in the so-called minority communities has always been the transient nature of institutions, particularly arts institutions." Dudley Cocke expressed, “What I fear we will see from so-called progressives in the wake of Trump’s election, instead of this commitment to building people-powered organizations, is a flurry of support for ‘bridge initiatives’ – for example, incentives within universities to do more community outreach. We know from experience, however, that without community-based anchor institutions as partners, higher education institutional outreach at best fails to meet the test of need; at worst, it has a disempowering effect on community members’ own sense of agency.”

What It Means To Be An Artist In The Time Of Trump
Huffington Post | November 17, 2016

As the nation collectively struggles to come to terms with what a Donald Trump presidency means, the Huffington Post calls upon artists as activists, optimists, truth-tellers and revolutionaries, to resist the normalization of hate and prejudice, to stand up for the communities that have been marginalized, and advocate for an America that serves all of its citizens. They reached out to artists to ask their opinion on the role of an artist over the coming four years.

Artist Genevieve Gaignard expresses what many minorities are feeling, saying, “I think this election is just forcing a lot of people to confront a dark reality that so many others already face on a daily basis.”

Emma Sulkowicz proclaims, “Everyone has different superpowers. For those whose superpower is helping people through their art, it’s important that they now put that superpower to use.” Read other artists’ responses and view their work. Read also "What it Means to be a Writer in the Time of Trump." Author Celeste NG says, “when you’re fighting intolerance and hatred - as we seem to be - spreading empathy is itself a form of fighting, maybe the most effective and radical and lasting kind there is.”

Read the full article.

The Trump-‘Hamilton’ controversy shows why live theater still matters
The Washtingon Post | November 20, 2016

After Donald Trump's Twitter attack against Hamilton, this opinion piece from the Washington Post reminds its readers of the latent power of theater makers. Citing the national attention garnered by the Broadway musical, this article acknowledges the medium's potential for free expression and expresses optimism about its ability to reach wide audiences.

International Community Arts Festival (CAF)
ICAFMarch 27 - April 2, 2017
Rotterdam, Netherlands
CAF is an International Community Arts Festival sharing community arts from all over the world. Once every three years, ICAF brings together the most innovative, the most controversial, the most inspiring work and those involved in it. The next edition will take place from 27 March to 2 April 2017 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The theme for the next ICAF will be MOVEMENT. Organizers urge you to send your thoughts about the theme including exciting projects that might be a good fit.

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Quilts from Syria and Iraq

The two quilts profiled in these pages are the product of the worst humanitarian crisis since World War 2. The embroidered squares were produced by twelve women in Jordan who were exposed to the full fury of war in Iraq, Syria and Palestine before deciding to seek refuge abroad. They brought with them memories of lost friends, destroyed homes and broken lives.

This quilting project has allowed the women to describe this grim experience through embroidery, and in the process build deep friendships. The result is a powerful testament to the horror or war, but also the resilience of refugees.

The quilting initiative was launched in early 2016 when The Advocacy Project formed a partnership with the Collateral Repair Project in Amman.... Read more.

The Post-Election Role of the Arts

“The Messy Truth:” A Mini-Series by Van Jones

In the digital mini-series “The Messy Truth” Van Jones sits down with voters who supported different candidates for president in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania -- the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Van says, “We need to start talking TO each other, not just ABOUT each other… In America today, the establishment is on the ropes, the rebels are on the rise, and now the people are ready to talk. People aren’t just talking, they’re screaming at the top of their lungs. But we can’t seem to listen. In the midst of all the inflammation and toxicity of the election season, we’ve all lost the ability to step into someone else’s shoes and see each other as human beings.”

View the series:

Van Jones is president of Dream Corps and Rebuild the Dream, which promote innovative solutions for America's economy. He was President Barack Obama's green jobs adviser in 2009. A best-selling author, he is also founder of Green for All, a national organization working to build a green economy. “The Messy Truth” is co-produced by the independent production company Magic Labs Media and DC-based documentary filmmakers Meridian Hill Pictures.

Post-Election Declaration and Offering
KGardenerBy Kate Gardner

I. Earthquake

It’s an earthquake. Upheaval and turmoil. Underground rumblings shifting the foundation, old structures cannot stand as they were. Tensions and contradictions tightening and tightening over many years now suddenly released all at once. Revealing what we have hidden from ourselves

Take a look around. It’s not what we think. Open your eyes. Talk to strangers. We have not been here before. This is a new landscape.

II. The Grass Will Grow – Nurture It

Kenya 2008. An incendiary election unleashes a terrifying flood of fear and hate that threatens to rip the country apart. Kenyans on opposite sides of a political, economic and ethnic divide tear at each other’s throats. In two months, over a thousand are killed and half a million expelled from their homes.

But in the midst of dark swirling hatred, there are those weaving acts of humanity... Read the full declaration and offering.

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Resources & Opportunities

Displaced Artists Fund Residency Program
Vermont Studio Center

The Vermont Studio Center is thrilled to announce an immediate expansion to their Displaced Artists Fund residency program. Thanks to generous support from the McComb Foundation, from 2017-2019, VSC will provide up to 20 displaced visual artists and writers with fully subsidized 4- to 6-week studio residencies. Artists and writers from the U.S. and anywhere in the world who have been directly affected by a natural disaster may apply directly to VSC for a residency. International artists and writers who have been displaced due to political turmoil or threat must be nominated by a partner organization. Learn more.


tttTheTheatreTimes.com was recently launched as a global site for theatre news. With an expanding collaborative team of Regional Managing Editors around the world, we aim to be the largest global theatre news source online. Since launching this Fall, we developed 20 thematic sections. We have 80 Regional Managing Editors around the world. So far, we published over 430 articles covering theatre in 53 countries.

Read an editorial explaining the concept behind the platform. Listen to a podcast by OnTap about TheTheatreTime.com (starting at 26 min).

TheTheatreTimes.com has an app downloadable for iPhone and Android. Follow them on Facebook and Twittersubscribe to their weekly The Sunday Theatre Times.

If you would like to contribute, suggest an idea for a section, or if you are interested in becoming a bloggers or managing editor, please contact newsroom@thetheatretimes.com.

USDAC Outposts

usdacThis moment calls for unabashed creativity, deep connection, and community resilience. That’s why we're introducing USDAC Outposts, a new way that anyone can access the information, allies, and advice needed to bring the people-powered department to life in their community.

There are many ways to take part in the USDAC—online learning calls, National Actions, and more—but there’s something to be said for strength in numbers and ongoing local engagement. Get a few allies together and you multiply your capacity to learn, plan, engage others, and make real impact. We've developed USDAC Outposts with that in mind.

A USDAC Outpost is a group of four or more individuals committed to enacting USDAC values in their community. Outposts may focus on learning, relationship-building, and/or taking action through USDAC National Actions and their own local value-aligned projects and campaigns to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging. Outposts receive:

  • A start-up toolkit with resources, information, and ideas to help build involvement, such as discussion guides for structured local conversations that help to create a learning and action community rooted in USDAC values.
  • Regular online video calls connecting Outposts with each other and with experienced USDAC organizers.
  • Support in taking part in USDAC National Actions.
  • A listing on the USDAC website.
  • Ongoing support from USDAC core organizers.
  • Plus, a small batch of swag!

To learn more about this opportunity to deepen your local creative activism in partnership with a growing national community of practice, visit: www.usdac.us/outposts.

2017 HNMCP Art Competition
Application Deadline: March 17, 2017

hmncpCreative expressions of conflict resolution - whether in photography, on canvas, or through sculpture - promote and advance conflict resolution itself. The Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) builds community around conflict resolution skills and practice, and we want our space to reflect our values. HNMCP seeks to feature creative representations of conflict resolution and peacemaking throughout our space. Artwork will be displayed in our suite on the Harvard Law School campus for a minimum one year, beginning in Spring 2017. Read more and apply.

The 2017 Brenda Meehan Social Justice-in-Action Grants
Application Deadline: February 10, 2017

The Social Justice & Social Policy (SJSP) program is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity for Brandeis University undergraduate students. These grants are designed to provide support for student-organized events that bring together academic and activist perspectives on important current public policy issues, such as: healthcare, immigration, criminal justice reform, and climate change. These Brenda Meehan Social Justice-in-Action Grants will provide up to $1,500 to support events planned for the Spring 2017 semester. Applications will be accepted until February 10 and recipients will be notified soon after. Read more about the grant applications criteria and apply.

The Post-Election Role of the Arts

5 Books to Read About Artists Under Nazism: How do artists function under tyranny?

“I’ve long been interested in how people, particularly those in the arts (my people!), function under tyranny. How much do we compromise, and how much do we fight back? Sure, we all like to imagine ourselves acting courageously in a perilous situation, but would we really? What if our livelihoods were at stake — or our lives? Here’s a selection of five books that examine the many ways artists responded to the Nazi regime..." Read article.

Spectre of Treason
John Shattuck, a member of the advisory board of the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, argues that Trump should endorse the proposed investigation of the Russian hacking scandal, in order to avoid the spectre of treason hovering over the president-elect. Read more.

Should the Art World Strike on Inauguration Day?
Will the art world in the US close down on Inauguration Day? What will that mean? #J20

“Last Saturday, I heard art critic and historian Yates McKee speak at a conference about the rumblings of an art strike that had started to circulate online... It’s a provocative idea. That would it look like for the art community to shut down? Would our absence be seen or felt?

Unlike bigger cultural communities, including those around music, cinema, and publishing, the ‘art world’ is not led by traditional corporations. It’s still dominated by galleries, museums, art schools, nonprofits, and small businesses, even if some donors and foundations are increasingly instrumentalizing them to promote various agendas...”Read article.

Call for Submissions: Writing and Art focused on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Action at Standing Rock
Submission Deadline: January 10, 2017
broadsidedBroadsided Press

At Broadsided Press, we believe that art and literature inspire and demonstrate the vitality and depth of our connection with the world. Art operates beyond the news cycle, connects surface information to deeper truths, and honors and what it attends.

We had to speak out—we had to make a space for you to speak out as artists and writers—on the continuing resistance at Standing Rock to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Send us poems, short-shorts, and artwork in response to Standing Rock. Full guidelines for length etc are available on our website. With the help of guest editor Tiffany Midge, we will bring your work into broadsides for people to consider and share. Each broadside will feature the work of one visual artist and one literary artist, the combinations thereof selected and designed by the editors.

Submissions by those involved with the action (you are free to define what this means) are free.

Call for Sessions: VSA Kennedy Center's 2017 Intersections: Arts & Special Education Conference
Submission Deadline: January 15, 2017
Kennedy-centerConference: August 6-7
Austin, Texas

The Kennedy Center Office of VSA and Accessibility is seeking applications for the 2017 VSA Intersections: Arts and Special Education Conference. Through innovative, thought-provoking, and interactive sessions, the VSA Intersections Conference provides professionals in the intersecting fields of arts education and special education the opportunity to share current information in research, practice, programs, and policy, and serve as a leading catalyst for change. This conference brings together educators, administrators, researchers, teaching artists, and more to build new skills, transfer knowledge, network, and, ultimately, help to shape the best practices-improving educational experiences for students with disabilities learning in and through the arts.

As an emergent field taking its place alongside the established fields of arts, education, and disability studies, we also affirm the need for quality practice that is grounded in evidence and rigorous evaluation of the programs we support. To this end, we affirm research endeavors in three priority areas, and will prioritize session submissions that reflect these aims:

  • Research into questions of access is exploratory in nature and seeks to establish the boundaries and foundational content of our field;
  • Research into questions of efficacy utilizes rigorous methodologies to test the effectiveness of instructional practices, shaping our understanding of what works and why;
  • Research into questions of innovation relies on theoretical frameworks to develop and test new practices to improve the educational outcomes of students with disabilities in and through the arts.

Learn more and apply.

Call for USDAC LAB Project Proposals
Submission Deadline: February 8, 2017

USDACThe USDAC launched Standing for Cultural Democracy, a platform featuring ten powerful points—policies and actions to advance equity and belonging through culture. We can all push for many of these at the local level by starting conversations, building people-power, and partnering with allies in public agencies.
It doesn’t require funding to begin these conversations, but we recognize that some of these platform points may be new to your mayor, city council members, or neighbors—and we want to help get the ball rolling. So, we’re offering microgrants for pilot experiments that show how the platform can be put into action.
We’ll select up to ten projects that put one of the platform points into action; provide microgrants of $500 to support execution and documentation; and support with strategic technical assistance throughout. We’ll partner further with promising projects through the USDAC LAB to help spread possibility and bring them to scale. Learn more and apply by February 8, 2017.

Women In Music
WIMWomen In Music is an organization with a mission to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition. Our seminars, panels, showcases, achievement awards, and youth initiatives celebrate the female contribution to the music world, and strengthens community ties. Women In Music is also currently seeking applicants for its Music Boston Committee.

Broadsided Press

BPStreet art. Fine art. Free art. Dialogue. Serendipitous public art. A counterforce for billboards advertising fast food and cars. Founded in 2005, Broadsided publishes an original literary/artistic collaboration each month for visitors to the site to download, mull, print, and share. Broadsided is here to put literature and art on the streets. On the first of every month, a new Broadsided literary/visual collaboration ise posted on the Broadsided website for free download as a letter-sized PDF.

Broadsided Press takes its name from the traditional broadside, which is loosely defined as paper printed on one side for public distribution as a poster or announcement, and has its roots in 16th century England. It is the origin of popular press and news. "To have been broadsided" means that one has been hit from the side, most often out of the blue. Both histories are behind the name of Broadsided Press.

A unique aspect of Broadsided's structure is that it engages a wide network of "Vectors" (this could be you!) to post issues throughout their communities. Issues can be downloaded and printed by anyone with a computer and printer. See where Vectors are posting and add your town. Broadsided has Vectors posting in almost every U.S. state, in several European countries, Chile, Japan, the Philippines, and several provinces in Canada. Broadsided also presents "Special Features", which includes Broadsided Press Responses, inviting writers and artists respond to current events in the world with their best, most empathetic, most insightful, most wide-ranging selves. The Broadsided Press Groundsourced anthologies, or poems for when things seem impossible to articulate, shared directly via Tumblr via #hashtag. One recent collection is #PoemsForFerguson. Broadsides on the Bus places poetry and art on buses in two communities: Cape Cod and Moscow, Idaho.

Interested in being published in Broadsided Press? Writing is chosen through submissions emailed to Broadsided. Artists allied with Broadsided are emailed the selected writing. They then "dibs" what resonates for them and respond visually. You could be a Vector. You could get Broadsided. Learn more and view a flyer with general information about Broadsided.

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