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Ukraine Theatre of the Oppressed "Tsunami"
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Drum circle fosters new approach to peace
The Justice
drum circle

Don West unveils portrait of Jane and Hubert Sapp at "Seeking Lives of Purpose"

LaMaMa Umbria International 15th Annual Symposium for Directors, 5th Annual Playwright Retreat
, Summer 2014


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"A Way Out of No Way"
with Jane Wilburn Sapp

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Acting Together at Community Arts Lab (CAL) Theatre Festival in Netherlands

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Acting Together Anthology 
Vol. I & II

Xchange Perspectives (XCP) is using a Peacebuilding and the Arts report to support their work in South Sudan. Read more and watch the video.

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Exploring the contributions of arts and culture to peace

Welcome to Peacebuilding and the Arts, a program of the International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life at Brandeis. This website is for artists, cultural workers, coexistence practitioners, peacebuilding scholars, and all who are interested in how the arts and cultural traditions can be crafted to bridge differences, mediate conflicts, and contribute to peace.

We collaborate with artists who work in divided communities, supporting them to reflect on, document, and strengthen their practice. The lessons from these collaborations are accessible through publications, trainings, courses, and this virtual resource center. Read more about why we need creative approaches to peacebuilding.

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A Call to Action -
A Way Out of No Way:
Learning from Jane Sapp's Life, Stories and Songs

via Indiegogo

How can we use our stories to make the world a better place? How can songs build community and create a sense of hope? How can culture fuel our strategies for greater justice? Jane Wilburn Sapp, a friend and colleague of the Peacebuilding and the Arts Program at Brandeis, has spent more than forty years composing answers to these questions in a cultural work practice that has taken her into communities throughout the United States and abroad.


Jane Sapp in Workshop



Our partner organization, ReCAST, Inc, is launching an online fundraising campaign to generate resources that will allow Jane Sapp to document her practice in a book, in performance/presentations that will be recorded and disseminated on an accompanying disc, and in a songbook with transcriptions of some of the powerful songs Jane has written with children. This campaign is an experiment to see if folks of modest means can join together to support a cultural worker whose life has been devoted to strengthening communities by helping us value our cultures and build the kind of trust that allow us to work together across differences in the pursuit of justice. This project is designed to support Jane to share her skills, her wisdom and her work with a generation of emerging leaders: organizers, artists, educators, young people and community workers of all kinds, who are pursuing social justice in relation to the criminal justice system, schools, the environment, economic inequity, immigration reform, gender-based violence, voting rights, labor issues, youth development, and more. Please check out the campaign. Even very modest contributions are welcome! You can also support the campaign by sharing it with friends, colleagues, comrades of all kinds. Learn more about the project: "A Way Out of Now Way."

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Global "Acting Together" Campaign

We are currently partnering with ReCAST, Inc. on a Multilingual Global Campaign for "Acting Together on the World Stage."

Acting Together documentary: “Acting Together on the World Stage
This remarkable 54 minutes documentary highlights courageous and creative artists and peacebuilders working in conflict regions, describes exemplary peacebuilding performances and offers tools for the creative transformation of violence. Order your copy now.

Acting Together anthology: “Acting Together: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict is a two-volume work describing peacebuilding performances in regions beset by violence and internal conflicts.  Volume II focuses on the transformative power of performance in regions fractured by "subtler" forms of structural violence and social exclusion. Order your copy now.