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International Education Week 2014

Save the date for International Education Week 2014. It will take place November 10-15, 2014. Look for more details soon!

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IEW 2014

Sunday, November 9

SEAC Week Day One: Asian Dessert Night
Time: 3-5pm
Location: ICC Lounge
SEAC Week is South East Asia Club's longest event of the semester, lasting a total of four days. Asian Dessert Night is a collaboration of TSA, KSA, BAASA, SASA, JSA, BC3 and MSA to serve Asian desserts and learn how some of the countries' culture and traditions revolve around sharing sweets.

Monday, November 10

SEAC Week Day Two: Amazing Race
Time: 8-9pm
Location: ICC Lounge
The second day of SEAC Week, Amazing Race, is an educational night of more in depth learning of the mainland Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma) through a fun race (similar to the reality tv show Amazing Race). This would include backgrounds on the countries' cultures, traditions and foods from these countries. Everyone will be able to participate in a fun way as a racer or as a participant in several of the challenges. There will be food served, food related challenges, and non food related challenges. Teams will race to fundraise for the cause of their choice.

Tuesday, November 11

Language Lunch
Time: 12-1pm
Location: Sherman Function Hall

Wednesday, November 12

Global Bazaar
Time: 4-8pm
Location: Sherman Function Hall
Join us at the 2nd Annual Global Bazaar!  Explore hand-made crafts from local vendors, sample food from across the world, enter a raffle for a chance to win prizes, listen to international music, learn about global opportunities on campus, and watch an amazing Global Fashion Show!  This event is co-sponsored by the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) and the Wien International Scholars.

SEAC Week Day Three: SEAC Island Adventure Time
Time: 8:30-9:30pm
Location: ICC Multipurpose Room
Day 3 of SEAC Week, SEAC Island Adventure Times is a relaxation night that focuses on the maritime Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Malyasia, and the Philippines). All students will get to relax, play games, and sample dishes and drinks from these countries. We plan to serve roti canai, a popular appetizer found commonly in most of the maritime Southeast Asian countries; ais kacang, a popular shaved ice dessert found in some of the maritime Southeast Asian countries, especially Malaysia; and different cold drinks, smoothies, teas, coffee, etc., with ingredients commonly found in these countries.

Thursday, November 13

Study Abroad Information Session
Time: 12-1pm
Location: Office of Study Abroad, Usdan 169
Come learn more about studying abroad! We will go over the application process, how to choose where to go, funding and more so stop by to get started with the process of going abroad and ask any questions you might have.

SEAC Week Day Four: SEAC-ing Sriracha Karaoke Night
Time: 8-10pm
Location: ICC Lounge
SEAC-ing Sriracha Karaoke Night is a fun night where we will learn about the pop culture of the Southeast Asian countries through singing Southeast Asian songs. Sriracha sauce is an important and integral hot sauce used in almost all Southeast Asian cuisine. We will be sampling this sauce with different Asian foods as well as common American food to demonstrate the versatility of this sauce.

Friday, November 14

Food for Thought
Time: 6-8pm
Location: ICC Lounge
Brandeis Asian American Student Association and Taiwanese Student Association invites to attend Food for Thought, an event where students come together to discuss various issues that affect Asian-Americans, while tasting delicious dishes from Taiwan!!!