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9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Closed Mondays from
2 to 3 p.m. for team meeting. Ring doorbell or go to public safety if urgent care is needed.

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(781) 736-3677

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Call our answering service at (781) 239-1948.

The service will page the on-call clinician, who will return your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

Who can use the Health Center?

As of Aug. 15, 2014, all students currently enrolled 3/4 and fulltime may be seen at the Health Center and/or Psychological Counseling Center.

Do graduate students have access to the Brandeis Health Center and the Psychological Counseling Center?

Yes. Starting this academic year, all graduate students will have access to health services at the Health Center and the Psychological Counseling Center, as do undergraduates. This is not a requirement, but rather an additional benefit. All students will be able to access the Brandeis Health Center whether they have their own private insurance or have purchased the Brandeis University Student Health Insurance Plan . Students with the School Health Plan (SHP) can choose to use the Health Center for in-network health care services or they may opt to use another provider. SHP enrolled students do not need a referral to see outside providers.

What would I go to the Health Center for?

Services include:

  • medical care for acute illnesses and injuries
  • management of chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, or diabetes
  • sexual and reproductive health issues such as contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy tests, STI testing and assessment, gyn exams
  • lab work
  • travel visits and immunizations 
  • routine and employment physicals
  • consultations with our nutritionist or drug and alcohol counselor
  • pharmacy pick-up services
How do I make an appointment at the Health Center?

The Health Center will be open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Health Center will use an open access system, making it easier for students to schedule same-day appointments. Students are encouraged to call the Health Center at (781) 736-3677 to schedule their same-day appointment. Although scheduling appointments in advance is possible, most appointments will be same-day scheduling. The clinical staff will continue to see emergencies on a walk-in basis, as they have in the past.

Who will see me?

We have registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners (NPs) and physicians (MDs).  You can usually get an appointment with a nurse practitioner or physician within 24 hours. If you want to see a particular provider you can schedule with them by calling our front desk during business hours at 781-736-3677.

Can I speak with a provider when the Health Center is closed?

If you have a concern that cannot wait until the next business day please call  the on-call clinician at 781-239-1948.

What if I think I need to see a specialist or go to an Urgent Care Center?

You can always be seen at the Health Center for evaluation. If you need urgent care or emergency services we will assist you in accessing the best level of care for your needs. 

If you need a specialist, the Health Center can give you a list of local and/or Boston-based recommended providers. If you do not have the Student Health Plan we recommend that you check with your insurance to confirm that you are using an in network provider.

Why doesn't the Health Center provide notes for student absences?

The Brandeis Health Center does not routinely provide notes for students who miss class due to injury or illness.

Students with serious medical conditions that last longer than a few days or who are hospitalized will need to contact the Office of Academic Affairs (781-736-3470) for advice on managing their academic obligations and their health conditions. In these serious situations, Academic Affairs can facilitate communication and medical accommodations. The Health Center, with written consent from the student, can validate conditions and care plans as needed. 


What if my problem is an emergency?

In cases of an on-campus emergency, call 6-3333. Public Safety will send an officer and the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo) to assist you.

In cases of an off-campus emergency, call 911.

You may also go to local urgent care or emergency providers.

Insurance and Billing

Do I have to bring money or my insurance card when I visit the Health Center?

 Students are asked to register as a patient with the BIDMCpatinet  registration line  by calling 1-617-754-8240 before their appointment. Students will need to bring their insurance cards with them when they access services. There will not be a copay charge collected at the visit, as it is included in your student fees.

How will insurance billing work in the Health Center?

Students must register (or update their registration) as a patient with BIDMC by calling 1-617-754-8240 before their appointment at the health center. Billing occurs through HMFP's PSS service. Co pays will be paid by the school out of school fees so you do not need to bring cash to see a provider.

Will the implementation of an insurance billing system affect student privacy?

No. Student privacy is a top priority. None of these operational changes will affect students’ ability to handle their health care in the manner they choose. Even at the level of insurance billing, students have the option to suppress details from the bill.  You can request a copy of our Privacy Practices at the Health Center.


If I have a very private problem, will my parents/spouse/partner or professors be told?

No. Information is not shared with anyone — staff, faculty, family or friends — if you are over 18 years of age, without your permission. Massachusetts law protects medical information regarding sexual health for students under 18, as well. A copy of our Privacy Practices is available upon request at the Health Center.

Psychological Counseling Center

How will insurance billing work in the Psychological Counseling Center?

The billing structure will not change from what it was last year. Starting this year, graduate students will have access to Psychological Counseling Center services. Specifically, the first 12 sessions are free except for psychiatry, which is billed to insurance from the first visit.

How do I make an appointment at the Psychological Counseling Center?

To schedule a first appointment at the Psychological Counseling Center, students should go to the second floor of the Mailman House, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To schedule a non-urgent appointment after hours, students may call 781-736-3730.

Does the Psychological Counseling Center provide counseling in specialized areas?

Yes. The Psychological Counseling Center has a diverse staff of trained and experienced therapists with a range of specialties, including anxiety, depression, trauma and sexual violence, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, and addiction, among other areas.

Rape Crisis Center

Where is the new Rape Crisis Center located?

A new student-run Rape Crisis Center is being established this year. A space has been designated in Usdan, adjacent to Levin Ballroom and down the hall from the Office of Prevention Services. This location is both easily accessible yet discreet. Sheila McMahon, sexual assault services and prevention specialist, will serve as adviser to the Rape Crisis Center and its student leadership and staff.  

Sexual Health Issues

Can I get gynecological care at the health center?

Gynecological visits at the Health Center may be for routine care or for problems. Students are seen for annual visits, problems with menstrual cycles, yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections, contraceptive needs and other concerns. Please call 781-836-3677 to schedule an appointment.

Can I get birth control at the health center?

Yes, we prescribe contraception. Contraceptive choices include birth control pills, injections, vaginal ring, as well as non-hormonal methods like condoms and diaphragms. Long term reversible contraceptives, such as  IUDs and implants, are not available at the Health Center  but we can counsel, provide pretesting, refer you to local  providers. We also have emergency contraception available.

At my friend’s school, they give her birth control pills to her. Why doesn't that happen here?
The Health Center is not licensed as a pharmacy or dispensary. We do not accept samples from drug companies. We do provide students with prescriptions that they can fill at a local pharmacy. Students can also have their prescriptions delivered to the health center for convenient pick up.


I am applying to study abroad/peace corps. What do I do with the health forms?

Please call the Health Center to schedule a physical and/or travel visit. Please let the receptionist know your destination and expected travel dates.


Are vaccinations available at the Health Center? What’s the cost?
Yes. Vaccinations will be available at the Health Center. Services for required vaccinations  will be billed directly  with no out-of-pocket cost for students. Non required vaccinations that we recommend , including HPV, Hep A, and travel vaccines may require supply cost payments. You will receive the necessary documentation to submit to your insurer for reimbursement as applicable per your plan.