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Lactation Facilities

Child Care Facilities

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Work-Life Balance

Brandeis University is dedicated to its commitment to assist with the quality of life of those within the Brandeis community. The Office of Human Resources aids Brandeis employees find solutions to balance the needs of work and family life. We provide information and referral(s) for assistance with many situations and circumstances including the needs of young families.


An employee who chooses to breast feed her child will be provided with reasonable break times from work and a private space for lactation. If an employee cannot access a space within or close to her work area the following rooms may provide the security and privacy she needs to express milk.
  • Goldfarb 69-41A  The room is located on Goldfarb 2, one floor below the main floor of the library. The library lactation room is accessible via key which can be checked out at the Information & Borrowing desk with a Brandeis ID. The room is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave (for sterilization), two chairs, a small table and electrical outlets. Sinks are available in the adjacent lavatory. Users must bring their own pump. Up to two women at one time may use the space. Reservations for the room must be booked on the corresponding Library Lactation Room Google calendar. The room is locked at all times. When finished using the room, please return the key to the Information & Borrowing desk. Questions about this room? Contact
  • Gerstenzang 134  This room is marked 98-116 and is located at the right of the student lounge. The room is equipped with refrigeration, a microwave (for sterilization), comfortable chairs, small tables and numerous electrical outlets. A sink is located in the kitchen of the lounge or in adjacent lavatories. Users must bring their own pump. Up to three women at one time may use the space. Gerstenzang 134 is accessible via ID card access which can be acquired by contacting Jessica Basile (, Director, Student Affairs. No reservation is necessary to use this space. 
  • Rabb Graduate Center 118  This room is marked 118 and is a private room. The room is equipped with refrigeration, a microwave (for sterilization), and numerous electrical outlets. Users must bring their own pump.  Rabb Graduate Center 118 is accessible via a key which can be acquired by contacting Shannon Hunt (, Department Administrator in Women & Gender Studies, or if she is not available, Lisa Pannella (, Department Administrator in English. This room should be locked at all times. Reservations for the room may be booked on a Google calendar established for this purpose. Access to use the calendar is available through the Office of Human Resources or the Office of Graduate Student Affairs.

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Child Care

The Lemberg Children's Center, a non-profit cooperative day-care center, provides children with a full program of education and recreational activities. The center is operated by professional staff with the assistance of parents and Brandeis students. Rates are based on family income.  

The Lemberg Children's Center
415 South Street
Waltham, MA 02453
(781) 736-2200 

To locate a day care center within your home community you may use the link below and enter your zip code for a listing of Massachusetts licensed providers.

Review Massachusetts's largest summer camp directory.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

For additional support and counseling in areas such as new parent coaching programs, childcare and other supportive community services, you may refer to the University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) administered by e4health. The company provides free confidential Work/Life Services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to Brandeis faculty and staff. e4health may be reached online at or by calling 800.828.6025.

Use the following credentials for online access: 

Username: brandeis university

Password: guest

Please note - the password is case-sensitive and must be entered in all lowercase.