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BIMA and Genesis

The IJE draws upon BIMA and Genesis, Brandeis University’s two summer programs for high school students, which serve as living laboratories for our work.

Professor Joseph Reimer, director of the IJE, was one of the faculty members involved in starting Genesis at Brandeis University in 1996.  He has remained involved in Genesis in different capacities, both as an advisor to the program, as well as a researcher of various components. 

Rabbi Bradley Solmsen, associate director of the IJE, is the director of the Office of High School Programs.

Dvora Goodman and Rachel Happel, senior educators of the IJE, are the directors of Genesis and BIMA respectively.

The IJE uses BIMA and Genesis as a laboratory for the experiential Jewish education we seek to promote in other settings. 
  • Educators at BIMA and Genesis engage in intense professional development programs including structured practitioner research during the summer on their practice as experiential Jewish educators.
  • The IJE, BIMA, and Genesis bring educators from other settings to Brandeis University in the summer to see the programs in action. 

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