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Community Hebrew High School Grants

The IJE has been working with the Legacy Heritage Fund to strengthen the field of community Hebrew high schools in the United States.  The project has included grants to support the development of new educational programs, new recruitment efforts and full-time professional positions, as well as professional development for educators. The IJE is working on defining best practices for the field through research on existing practice and stimulating new practice.

Through our work with these schools came the establishment of the North American Association of Community Hebrew High Schools (NAACHHS) in the summer of 2006 to serve as the umbrella organization for the field of community-based supplementary Jewish secondary education.  NAACHHS continues to bring the school heads together in conferences every summer to form a professional network and learn from one another's work.

In working with the Community Hebrew High Schools through our curriculum and marketing grants, the IJE has produced various curriculum and marketing resources for use in the schools.  Click on the links in the right sidebar of this page to request the curricula and/or marketing resources.

For more information on our grants to community Hebrew high schools, please contact us.