ISSO Check-In

Immigration regulations require that all universities and schools enrolling international students (non U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents) provide updated information to the federal government at the start of each semester.

To comply with these federally mandated requirements, the ISSO requires that all international students complete ISSO Check-In at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. Failure to check in could result in delays with class registration, possible loss of your legal visa status in the U.S. and possible withdrawal from the university.

ISSO Check-In Demo

1. Log Into Sage

Log in to Sage with your Brandeis log-in information and password.  Under "Personal Information" in the Student Center, click on the link for "ISSO Check-In."

2. Scan and Upload Required Visa Documents

You will need to upload your required visa documents to the online check-in form.  You may choose to upload your visa documents as one file or as separate, individual files.  See the sidebar on the right for sample visa documents.

3. Verify Your Contact Information

When completing the form, you will be asked to verify your SEVIS local address, SEVIS International Address, local phone number, international phone number, and personal email.

If anything is incorrect or blank, click on the appropriate link and make the change(s).  After submitting the change(s), return to the ISSO Check-In Tab and check the verification box (if you first press "refresh", your new address/phone number/email will appear).

If/when your contact information is entered correctly, please check the verification boxes.

4. Submit the Form

When you are finished, don't forget to press SUBMIT

If you are not done yet, press "Save."

After submitting, check to verify that there is a successful confirmation message. If you do not receive a confirmation right away, that means your form was not successfully submitted.

After successfully submitting your Check-In form, you will receive an email when the ISO Registration Hold placed on your Sage account is removed, if your ISSO Check-In is complete. If it is not complete, you will receive an email. If your check-in is complete, your hold will be removed by the end of the next business day

Providing false or inaccurate information, including submitting the check-in form while outside of the U.S. or submitting outdated visa document scans, may result in a referral to the university Office of Student Conduct to face disciplinary sanctions and a possible loss of your legal visa status. 

NOTE:  If your original visa documents are lost or stolen, you must contact the ISSO immediately to request assistance with replacing your documents. You cannot complete Check-In without having all of your original visa documentation in your possession.