MRSEC Video Competition Winners

Each year a video competition is held to showcase MRSEC-related research in a short video. Any Brandeis-affiliated undergraduate, graduate  student, post-doc, staff or faculty person is eligible  to enter and make a video about Brandeis-MRSEC research.

Winner of the 2018 MRSEC Video Competition

Kang Liu for "Inferring Capsid Assembly Kinetics from Experimental Observation"


Maria Eleni Moustaka for "Exploring the Non-Linear Dynamics of Chemical Oscillator Networks"

Ashanti Sallee for "Enzyme-Instructed Self-Assembly For Inhibiting Prostate Cancer"

Dhruv Dang for "Investigating the Interference of Influenza Viral Fusion by Antibody 'HC19'"

Winner of the 2017 MRSEC Video Competition

Shashank Shekhar for "Microfluidics-assisted high resolution microscopy as a tool to study cytoskeleton dynamics"


Dr. Salvatore Alioto for "Actin Cable Reconstitution"

Gabriel Bronk for "Computer Simulations of Chromosomes"

Dr. Julian Eskin for "Force Generation through Polymerization"