Brandeis   -   MRSEC Organizational Chart  


  Contact Information Area of Expertise

Aparna Baskaran
Abelson 306
(781) 736-2866

Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, biophysics. Also see Baskaran Group.

bulbul Bulbul Chakraborty
Abelson 345/346
(781) 736-2843
Condensed matter theory, especially systems far from equilibrium; glassy dynamics in supercooled liquids; granular media and the jamming of granular flows; modelling the dynamical instability in microtubules. Also see Chakraborty Group.

Li Deng
Edison-Lecks 322

Asymmetric catalysis and asymmetric synthesis. Solid phase synthesis and combinatorial chemistry. Chiral recognition. Chemical approaches towards understanding protein functions.
zvonimir dogic Zvonimir Dogic
Abelson 222
(781) 736-2167
Complex fluids and biological physics; understanding and controling the self-assembly of matter on a colloidal length scale; assembly, phase transitions and dynamics of colloidal systems under nonequilibrium conditions.
Irving Epstein Irving R. Epstein
Shapiro Science Ctr 3-09
(781) 736-2503
Oscillatory chemical reactions, spatial pattern formation, dynamical systems, and neurobiology.
seth fraden Seth Fraden
Abelson 214
(781) 736-2888
Complex fluids: interparticle interactions and phase transitions in colloidal suspensions; entropy driven disorder-to-order transitions; physics of protein crystallization and the development of microfluidic-based, high-throughput crystallization devices
Jeff Gelles Jeff Gelles
Kosow-Wolfson 208
(781) 736-2377
Macromolecular motion, motor enzymes, visualization of nanometer-scale movements and individual chemical reactions in single enzyme molecules.
Bruce Goode Bruce Goode
Rosenstiel 532
(781) 736-2451
Cell mobility, endocytosis, vesicle and organelle transport, and cytokinesis. Study of actin cytoskeleton regulation and functional cooperation of cytoskeletal elements.
hagan Michael Hagan
Abelson 347
(781) 736-2845
Quantitative biology. and Hagan Group :Assembly and dynamic pattern formation in biological and biomimetic systems; computational and theoretical methods; viral capsids and other large protein complexes; rational design of novel materials with biomimetic function.
haber James Haber
Rosenstiel 302
(781) 736-2462
Biology, Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology. Haber Lab
Jané kondev Jané Kondev
Abelson 301
(781) 736-2812
Condensed matter theory; biological physics; mechanical properties of polymers; regulation of gene expression and DNA packing in viruses; effect of confinement and constraints on the equilibrium structure and dynamics of fluctuating lines and surfaces.
Melissa Melissa Kosinski-Collins 
Shapiro Science Ctr 0-16A
MRSEC Outreach Education Programs
(781) 736-3126

Biology, Physics, and Science Education               

krummel Daniel A. Krummel
(781) 736-2359

RNA Biochemistry, RNA-protein interactions, RNA processing

robert b. meyer Robert B. Meyer
Abelson 216
(781) 736-2870
Liquid crystals and complex fluids; patterns formed in two-dimensional systems; liquid crystal gels; basic science of these systems and possible practical applications.
nicastro Daniela Nicastro
Rosenstiel 449
(781) 736-2408
Study of three-dimensional structure of macromolecular machines, organelles, and cells using cryo-electron tomography. >>See Nicastro Laboratory 
oldenbourg Rudolf Oldenbourg
Marine Biology Lab (Woods hole)
(508) 289-7426
The study of architectural dynamics in living cells. Development of  a new microsope for the analysis of molecular order directly in living cells with unprecedented sensitivity, resolution and speed

Sukho Park
Visiting Scientist, Chonnam National University in Gwangju, Korea
Abelson 314
(781) 736-2844

Robert Pelcovits

Robert Pelcovits
Brown University
(401) 863-1432

Theoretical liquid crystal physics, including large-scale simulations on parallel machines and scientific visual animations

Daniel Perlman
Senior Research Scientist and Inventor  

Abelson 215
(781) 736-2428
Dan Perlman has authored or co-authored over 100 published patents and pending patents since arriving at Brandeis. Evolving from the role of NIH-sponsored basic research scientist, Dan as a University Senior Scientist, moved into applied research.  
Avital Rodal

Rosenstiel 528
(781) 736-2459
Neuronal membrane traffic and synapse morphology. Dissection of multi-protein machines that drive lipid deformation at intracellular compartments.
azadeh samadani Azadeh Samadani
Abelson 221
(781) 736-2857
Soft condensed matter and biological physics. Study of biological questions at the systems level, e.g., directional sensing mechanisms in eukaryotic cells; swimming microorganisms; population dynamics, pattern formation, predator-prey interaction.
thomas Christine Thomas
Edison-Lecks 307
(781) 736-2576

Synthesis of new ligands and transition metal complexes. Uncovering new approaches to catalytic activation & functionalization of small molecules relevant to renewable energy.
Bing Xu Bing Xu
Edison-Lecks EL320
(781) 736-5201
Materials Chemistry; biomaterials; polymer chemistry and surface chemistry; synthesis and fabrication of functional molecular nanomaterials. >>Research group