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Offices A-Z: C

Campaign Operations (Development/Administration) Community, Families & Work Program (Women's Studies Research Ctr)
Campus Card Office (University Services) Comparative Literature and Culture Program
Campus Operations Compensation (Office of Human Resources)
Campus Police (Public Safety/Campus Police) Computer Science
Campus Sustainability Initiative (Facilities Services) Conf & Event Services
Capital Projects Confidentiality (Technology Licensing Office)
Career Center (Hiatt Career Center) Consilience Program
Career Services (International Business School) Constructive Connections Camp (Lemberg Children's Center)
Carpentry & Lockshop (Facilities Services) Continuing Studies (Graduate Professional Studies)
Center for German & European Studies Copy Center
Center for International Development (Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt) Copyright (Technology Licensing Office)
Center for Youth & Communities (Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt) Corporations/ Foundations (Development/Administration)
Center on Hunger & Poverty (Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt) Counseling Center (Psychological Counseling)
Central Heating Plant (Facilities Services) Course Evaluation Office
Chaplaincy Creative Services (Office of Communications)
Chemistry Credit Union
Chief Operating Officer (Division of Admin & Finance) Crown Center for Middle East Studies (Crown Ctr/Middle East Studies)
Child Care - on campus (Lemberg Children's Center) Crown Ctr/Middle East Studies
Class Deans, Undergraduate (Academic Services) Curriculum and Academic Programs (Dean of Arts and Sciences)
Classical Studies Custodial - Residence Life (Facilities Services)
Cohen Ctr for Mod Jewish Stud Custodial-Administrative/Academic (Facilities Services)
Office of Communications Custodial-Overnight (Facilities Services)
Community Living (Office of the Dean of Students) Custodial-Sciences (Facilities Services)
Community Service (Office of the Dean of Students)

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