Advanced Graduate Study (AGS)

Teacher Leadership class

The Brandeis Teacher Leadership Program in Advanced Graduate Study (AGS) is designed for talented and experienced teachers interested in gaining leadership skills that will empower them to influence policy and practice in their own schools and beyond. With a joint emphasis on instructional and institutional/policy leadership, this 13-month program prepares graduates to create change in their schools by improving pedagogical practices and fostering a collaborative culture that leads to greater student and educator learning.

The AGS program includes two intensive summer semesters of in residence classes at Brandeis and two semesters of distance learning during the academic year.* During the school year, AGS students participate in a practicum which allows them to practice new skills in their own classrooms with the support of a coach from the Brandeis Education Program. As a capstone project, AGS students will complete a portfolio documenting their use of these emerging leadership skills.

Graduates of the Brandeis Teacher Leadership Program will be qualified to assume roles such as mentor, team leader or instructional coach and may be eligible to apply for an endorsement in teacher leadership in states that offer them. If you are interested in becoming a department chair, you may need supplementary courses in your content area.

To learn more about the AGS program, please schedule an appointment to speak with an advisor (781) 736-2024. If you are currently enrolled in the AGS and have decided you want to complete the EdM, you must submit a modified application.

Summer Semester dates

Summer semester starts on July 2  and ends on July 19.